• 7 water care tools every pool owner should use

    I ended last year questioning my service team members, who work out in the field, about what products they would insist on having for their own pools, so I could bring you the information direct from the pool pros themselves.  The results are in and I found some surprising! I hadn’t thought of them or […]

  • Why not all pools are created equal

    Ever wonder why your neighbours pool is crystal clear and yours is not?  Why your brother spends less time on his pool than what you do?  Not all pools have the same requirements and there are different factors that can affect the outcome. Brand of Chemicals Chemicals do not have the same concentration levels; some […]

  • Take the Plunge to Pool Ownership

    Have your recent family discussions been centered on whether a swimming pool in your backyard is what you really want?  Or do you know someone who is on the fence about having one installed?  Here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge to pool ownership. Pools are a great way to add […]

  • Top 10 Trends for 2020

    We have been scouring the newest products available for pools to help you bring a modern, updated feel to your backyard retreat.   Below is the compiled list of the hottest items and latest styles we must share. Simplifying your lifestyle, because …everyone deserves a little R&R. 1.  pHin Monitoring System. Imagine the peace of mind […]

  • Welcome to 2020!

      We hope you all enjoyed your holidays to the fullest. We are often asked if we spend the winter in warmer areas of the world or what we do to keep busy during our off season.  The management and office staff work just as hard during the winter months as we do during the […]

  • Holiday Gift Guide

    Have a water fanatic on your shopping list and still trying to find the perfect gift this holiday season? Whether you are looking for a pool or a spa enthusiast, check out our holiday gift guide and start crossing the gifts off your list! Here is our list of suggested gifts for 2019 simply categorized […]

  • How to Clean or Replace Your Hot Tub Filter

    With proper maintenance your hot tub filter can last you several years.  Follow these tips to get the most out of your filters. Weekly you should rinse your hot tub filters (or if there has been a lot of use in the hot tub, consider an additional rinsing more frequently.  Rinsing can be done quickly […]

  • Maintaining your Spa Investment

    When it comes to spas (a.k.a. hot tubs), you want to ensure the water is properly sanitized and balanced, your equipment is protected, and the water is sparkling and inviting for you and your guests.  Here we are looking at the chemicals required to maintain the hot tub, as well as some tips and tricks […]

  • Soaking Up Life

    Immerse yourself in a hot tub for better physical, mental, emotional, and social health. A hot tub soak doesn’t just feel good. It’s good for you. The heat, pressure, and buoyancy of the water provide a host of health benefits, both physical and psychological, and sharing the experience can boost your relationships. Hot water makes […]

  • 10 Tips for Before and After Closing Your Pool

    It’s that sad time of the year again, time to start prepping to close the pool down.  Ugh!  We had a late start, but the weather in July and August more than made up for it.  Hopefully you all made it through Hurricane Dorian without too many issues.   Here are a few helpful tips […]