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  • 7 Must Have Features for your Swimming Pool

      Let’s face it: a new in-ground swimming pool is a very nice thing to have. Nobody’s complaining here. Yet it’s important to note that no matter what your space requirements or budget, you have the ability to zhuzh up your new pool with gorgeous swimming pool features, pool fountains and waterfalls that will take it […]

  • Use Winter to Design Your Dream Pool for Spring Installation

    It’s said that for everything, there is a season. While winter might seem like the season to pull the blankets over your head and hibernate, we have another purpose for winter: dreaming about summer. After all, there’s nothing like a good fantasy to get you through those too-short days and howling winds. Instead of letting […]

  • Bide Awhile and R&R

    We here at R&R Pools have several charities that we support every season.  In fact, you may have helped us raise money for them in some way.  If you receive our newsletters or follow us on Facebook, you may have seen little tidbits on our chosen charities.  But one that is near and dear to […]

  • Top 5 Swimming Pool Myths: Debunked

      The world of pools is full of myths, ones that often effect how people view their pool or others. We at R&R hear these on a daily basis and we thought we should share with you and debunk the most common swimming pool myths. You must wait an hour after eating before swimming. Oh, […]

  • Problem Water? Green water? YUCK!

    Do YOU have green water? At one time or another we’ve all had that dreaded GREEN water. Waiting and waiting for the pool to be sparkling once again. What do you do? DO you drain the pool entirely? NO! Dump in gallons of bleach? HOPE NOT! The pool is sick, super ick. Well this pool […]

  • Hot Tubs: Not Just For Pampering Anymore

    We all know the luxury, relaxation and entertainment that can come with owning a hot tub. But you may be surprised to learn about some unexpected health benefits. Kara at R&R Pools in Nova Scotia knows all about what an asset a hot tub can be. Here are three amazing perks that can come with […]

  • Welcome to 2018

    Happy 2018 everyone! After all the craziness in 2017, we all need an opportunity to relax and unwind. The New Year is a wonderful time to begin thinking about positive changes you want to make in your life; for yourself, for your family and maybe even for your spa or pool! With less than 2 […]

  • Are you hosting a Halloween party this year?

    If you are hosting a Halloween party this year and have yet to close the pool you should consider including it in your party décor!  Pinterest is great for finding swimming pool related decoration and costume ideas.  There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest that are sure to please (or scare) everyone.   Why not throw an […]