Considering a solar blanket for your pool? Here’s why it’s a smart investment:

  1. Heat Retention: Keep your pool warm, even on cool nights, by trapping heat with a solar blanket. Say goodbye to chilly dips and hello to comfortable swimming temperatures.
  2. Water Conservation: Reduce evaporation and conserve water with a solar blanket. By minimizing water loss, you’ll spend less time topping up your pool and more time enjoying it.
  3. Debris Protection: Shield your pool from leaves and debris with a solar blanket. Not only does it keep your pool cleaner, but it also reduces strain on your filtration system, saving you time and maintenance costs.
  4. Chemical Conservation: With less evaporation comes fewer chemical losses. Save money on pool chemicals and spend less time balancing water chemistry thanks to the protective barrier of a solar blanket.

While solar blankets offer numerous benefits, we recommend removing them during the day to prevent algae growth in warm, stagnant water.

Invest in a solar roller (insert link to: for hassle-free use – it makes taking the blanket on and off a breeze and protects your pool deck from damage.

Ready to enjoy the perks of a solar blanket? Contact our team (insert link for a quote on installation or visit our showroom for a DIY blanket and roller system. Don’t miss out on a more efficient, enjoyable pool experience – get your solar blanket today!”

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