It is sad to see the summer go. But with all the autumn chores you have on your plate, why not sit back, relax and let our experienced service team take your pool closing off your to-do list?

What is included in our closing service:

  • Removal of water to:
    • Aboveground pools: below the return
    • Inground pools: at least below your skimmer or use of water extractor.
  • Removal of solar cover.
  • Remove ladders and steps if possible.
  • Disassemble circulation and filtration equipment.
  • Uninstall lights if possible.
  • Installation of ONE bagged, beaded or safety cover to prevent winter vinyl damage (selection subject to additional charges).
  • Your BioGuard Closing Kit.

What is not included in our closing service:

  • Removal of leaves*
  • Scoop debris, brush down or cleaning*
  • Salt cell cleaning*
  • Sand filter cleaning*
  • Secondary cover*
  • Diving board removal
  • ***New – Duck plugs for every inground swimming pool*** to be billed after use.

*These specific other services can be requested at the time of booking.

Things to Consider:

The pool needs to be clean and clear of debris in order to close it. We are not responsible for the condition of the pool at closing, or for any wrinkles, staining and hard to clear pools at opening time if the pool is not closed in pristine condition.

Any problems found at the closing (beyond a quick fix) will require a separate service call which will be booked as soon as time permits. Quick fixes will be charged as a separate line item on the closing invoice.

Other Notes:

If you believe you may have been losing water this summer, an investigation is an urgent necessity. A winter leak can cause serious damage to the overall structure of your swimming pool and should be dealt with prior to your pool closing. We will not cover a pool when a leak is suspected.

We provide no guarantee that your pool cover will stay on.

We don’t guarantee winter damage.

Every pool is different and will be winterized as such. Some lights will be pulled out, some cannot be. We winterize your pool and equipment based upon the best option for your pool, as per our experience. We highly recommend you provide us with as much information as possible regarding placement of products and procedure, based upon your specific pool. Due to the high level of services we complete there will be an extra charge if we need to return due to inaccurate or missing information.

Additional charges may be incurred with pools containing the following:

  • Excess leaves and debris
  • Leaf nets
  • A second cover
  • Swim jets
  • Vinyl (rubber cover)
  • Water features
  • Additional filtration systems
  • Above ground pools that are too tight to the deck will be charged on a case-by-case basis.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our friendly staff members are happy to answer any questions you may have about closing your pool for the winter and how we can help that process go as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately, due to demand we are unable to take on any new landscaper installed pools.  Please contact your installer about service. If you are displaced by McBurneys or Levys due to their limited capacity, please complete the form and we will see if we can accommodate your request.