Priority Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Clean filter media is important to ensuring the pool water stays clean and clear and moving the water properly through the pool system.  Cartridges typically need to be cleaned more than once per season based upon usage, square footage of the cartridge, the pool surroundings and the age of the cartridge.  When the pressure rises 8 – 10 psi take a garden hose and remove the debris from the filter.  Having 2 sets of cartridges on hand allows you to alternate between them and means no downtime for the pool, as the cartridge needs to soak in the solution overnight and then completely dry before re-installing.

To clean your cartridge filter

  1. Add Filter Brite* to a 10L bucket of water.
  2. Soak cartridges overnight
  3. Rinse cartridges
  4. Let cartridges dry before re-installing them.

TIP- The fibers of the cartridge will tighten as it dries!

* Filter Brite removes grease and oils from sand and filter cartridges.

  • Promotes greater filter efficiency
  • Helps keep water clear
  • Helps reduce future maintenance
  • Lengthens the life of the filter media

Why have the R&R team complete your filter cleaning?

  • Expertise and the right equipment for the job.
  • Mess-free service.
  • Quick in and out in a reasonable time frame.
  • You spend your time and patience on something that you need done, not on the pool.

 Cartridge Filter Cleanings Start at $135/hr plus material.  Priority appointments are an additional $50 charge.

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