Are you new to the swimming pool lifestyle? Maybe you just purchased a home with a pool, or just had one installed.

Now what do you do?

Great Question! We know just the thing!

Sometimes instructions over the phone and in store just aren’t enough. You need hands on learning to really drill it into your head. We have that service just for you!

We have attentive instructors available for evening or day appointments to teach you the overview and weekly maintenance on how to use swimming pool equipment. No need to sit and watch YouTube videos and read all kind of DIY instructions for hours on end. Just call us to setup an appointment for your 1-1.5 hour lesson- usually that’s all you need!

Taking care of a swimming pool can be just that easy! Please complete the form below today to book your lesson.

What you will learn:

  • You will be guided through the pools circulation and filtration system
  • We will provide you with a demonstration on each piece of your pool equipment
  • When to use each piece of equipment.
  • What role each piece of equipment plays in keeping your pool safe and healthy.
  • We will show you how to remove debris from the pool, skimmer and pump areas.

We will ensure you have a good understanding of the equipment and will answer any questions that you may have.

Things to prepare before we arrive:

  • Any household members who will be taking care of the pool and the chemistry must be present for the lesson. Trust us, we do this a lot!
  • Please put away your cell phone and find a suitable caretaker for the children. You want to be all in for this one. This is the key to retaining this lesson.
  • Have your equipment in accessible locations – if the area of the equipment is overgrown or crowded, have it cleared so you and our team member can freely move around to view the equipment.
  • Have any portable pieces of equipment on deck at the ready – such as an automatic vacuum or manual vacuum and hose. Leaf skimmer / deep leaf net and telescopic pole.

On-site maintenance lessons are $175 + tax or free for new R&R Pools Installation customers.