Liner Pattern Consultation

Like changing the colour of the living room walls, a new liner can give life back to an outdated swimming pool. With so many choices to choose from, and possibly new decor you’ll need for the outdoor furniture it is easy to get excited about a liner replacement. It is also a great time to consider other renovation options.

Once the quote is approved it is then time to choose a liner pattern. Choosing the right pattern is as important as picking a bedroom colour. You want to look outside everyday and love it!

Selecting the pattern you love the first time around is sure to make you feel like the pool is complimentary to the rest of your surroundings and makes you feel right at home. Kara can help you navigate the different hues and options available so the option you choose is so very you.

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Please note that this is an in-store consultation.  We require 24 hours notice  to confirm the appointment.

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