Inground Pool Preliminary Consultation

Inground Pool Preliminary Consultation

Considering an inground swimming pool? Need information BEFORE your onsite quotation? Kara can help you with that. She can speak to you about the pros and cons of options as well as the basic starting price. Once you are comfortable with the information provided at the preliminary consultation we will then set up an on-site consultation to view the land and provide a proposal.

Have you already checked out all our resources, options and pricing guide? Click here to set up an on-site consultation:

If not we highly recommend you take a few minutes before we reach out to familiarize yourself on the how, what, where and why owning an R&R Pools’ swimming pool is so much better then any other recreational lifestyle purchase!

Please note that this is an in-store consultation.  We require at least 24 hrs notice to confirm the appointment.

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