Ready for spring, and looking forward to a fun season of enjoying your pool? Sit back, relax and let our experienced service team make your pool opening a breeze. We’re happy to save you the time and work, while you can rest assured that your pool opening is done thoroughly.

We recommend opening your pool early (after the ice has melted off it).  The best time to open is late April or early May!  You can learn about the benefits of an early opening on our blog:

For those of you with a variable speed pump we highly recommend that you set the pump to high until the pool is clear and then turn it to normal operating speed until the weather is warm enough to swim.

What is included in our opening service:

    • Regular Swimming Pool Service
      • Partial pump off, clean and remove and store ONE winter cover (selection subject to additional charges).*
      • Clean, roll up and store water bags if needed.
      • Reinstall ladders, handrails, steps and diving board.
      • Reassemble circulation and filtration equipment.
      • Place solar blanket and roller.
      • Reinstall lights.
      • Start system if water is high enough.**
      • Add opening kit if system can be started.**
      • Scoop debris, brush down or vacuum (10 minutes maximum)
      • O-Ring lubrication
      • Take water sample for in-store analysis, although we highly recommend customer bring in own sample once pool is filled and started and properly circulated for at least 48 hours for proper accuracy.
      • Opening kit included in price.

Regular openings due not include return visits for missing opening items or repairs

    • The Works Swimming Pool Service
      • Includes all of the above plus 45 minutes of additional cleaning and addition of shock (shock included, as needed) 4-7 days after the opening, to remove any dirt that may have settled after filling.
    • The Works Plus Swimming Pool Service
      • Includes all of the above plus water balancing.  [Balancing chemicals are not included.  We are unable to balance using chemicals other than the Bioguard brand or other brands sold by R&R Pools.]  Please note balancing means we will adjust the pool’s water chemistry to the proper levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness, (salt addition extra), it does NOT include dealing with any water clarity issues.

*We no longer offer full pump off service.  Please advise if you will pre-pump off your cover [strongly recommended].

** Typically an aboveground pool cannot be started, nor the opening kit added until the pool has been filled to an optimum water level. At that time, the customer will simply start the pool and add the opening kit.

Other Notes:

Any problems found at the opening  (beyond a quick fix) will require a separate service call, which will be booked as soon as possible. This includes leaks, autocovers and anything else not directly included in the opening list or of which the techs do not have the supplies on board.

Additional charges may be incurred with pools containing the following:

  • Excess leaves and debris
  • Leaf nets
  • A second cover
  • Swim Jets
  • Spillover spas
  • Water features
  • Additional filtration systems

Return visits for leaks are not included with the opening services and are billed at an additional service charge rate. Any services not listed in the above opening lists are also billed at an additional service charge rate and may not be able to be performed at the time of the pool opening.

Coming Soon

All customers who had their pool closed by us in 2023 and are opening with us this season will automatically receive our Season Pass ($20 value), a discount card that saves you money all season long!  You will receive an email about the program soon.