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R&R Pools has made the conversion from Sand to Glass Filter Media. Glass is changed every 7-8 years versus 3-5 years for sand. It attracts the finer particles using a slight negative charge on the surface, having the dirt, debris and oil cling to the glass media until a backwash is done to release the particles. Manufacturers also state that unlike sand, in which the dirt and oils commonly build up within the top 6 inches of sand, the entire filter bed of glass is used to catch particles. This allows for a larger load of contaminant as glass does not pack the particles as tightly as the sand counterpart.

Clean filter media is very important to ensuring the pool water stays clean and clear and flowing properly through the system. Typically you should expect to change the sand in your filter every 3-5 years depending on a variety of factors. Sand changes can be also required after chronic algae problems, noticeable clarity issues, or due to channeling.  The way to ensure you get the full life out of your filter media is to use a filter cleaner like Filter Brite each fall to remove grease and build up.

Our Service Team offers a sand change service, which can be completed at anytime during the season, however it is notably easier and cheaper as a service when coupled with a spring pool opening. If you wish to be quoted on this service please submit the form to the below and our service team will contact you with more information.

Why have the R&R team complete your sand change?

  • Expertise and the right equipment for the job
  • Mess-free service
  • Quick in and out in a reasonable time frame
  • You spend your time and patience on something that you need done, not on the pool

Simply fill out the form below to book a sand change or consider doing this service yourself. A messy but doable job yourself if you have the patience. Check out our DIY blog post!