Category: Winterizing

  • Why use a winter cover? 

    The use of a winter cover has been debated for years.  Should you cover your swimming pool during the winter months or not?  We recommend you invest in a winter cover for your swimming pool as it is important for a variety of reasons:  For above ground pools we recommend using an Enviromesh winter cover.    […]

  • 10 Tips for Before and After Closing Your Pool

    It’s that sad time of the year again, time to start prepping to close the pool down.  Ugh!  We had a late start, but the weather in July and August more than made up for it.  Hopefully you all made it through Hurricane Dorian without too many issues.   Here are a few helpful tips […]

  • Winter Preparation Do’s and Don’ts for your pool

    The seasons have once again changed and closing your pool seems unavoidable.  Before you start, here are a few Winter Preparation Do’s and Don’ts for your pool: Do’s Do Check for leaks before closing – Fixing a leak now will aid in the pools survival over the winter.  A leak can become larger over time, […]

  • Free Closing Kit with Monthly Water Analysis

    With the generosity of   BioGuard Canada, R&R Pools is proud to present all loyal customers with a free Closing Kit at the end of the season, for those who use our BioGuard products and follow our advice on their water test analysis. Just to remind all our customers, we have outlined the requirements needing to be […]

  • 5 Things NOT to Use your Pool for This Winter

    If you’re looking out the back window at snowflakes flying – or avoiding the windows altogether because you can’t bear to see your beloved pool freezing all alone outside – you might be the type that’s tempted to pull on your Sorels and head out back to give your pool some TLC. That’s right, let the rest […]

  • 5 Winter Damage Preventative Tips

    Winter is coming… Are you ready? With winter quickly approaching it is time to close your pool if you have not already completed the task.   Here we have 5 Tips to help you prevent Winter Damage this season. 1. Check the pool and surrounding area for leaks before you close.– It is cheaper to address […]

  • Do it Yourself: Pool Closing

    Winter Closing                 We all know having difficulties opening a pool in the spring can be a headache. Winterizing your pool is the most important thing you can do to make your spring opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including protecting your pool surfaces and equipment and keeping […]

  • 7 Tips for Fall Swimming Pool Care

    If you enjoy watching the seasons turn, you might be excited to welcome fall: turtlenecks, red leaves, crisp air, yada yada yada. On the other hand, you might still be outside shivering in your Speedo and cursing the cloudy gray skies. Whichever type of pool owner you are (but mostly if you’re the second kind) […]