Category: Family

  • March Break Madness

    March break can be a time of madness while everyone tries to make plans, follow plans, change plans, cancel plans, rework plans, make plans for plans… the list can go on.  March Break should be a time for family to be together, for students to have fun while parents relax.  For everyone to take a […]

  • Celebrating 35 Years

    As we begin our 35th season here at R&R Pools we are reflecting on our history and how grateful we are for each of our clients. R&R Pools began as a dream and with a lot of hard work it has found great success. Thank you for being a part of that dream, for the wonderful […]

  • Bring on Spring. Get ready for Summer fun!

    It may feel like the depths of winter, but spring is on its way! If you’re anything like us, you’ve started your to-do list for the warmer weather. It will be here before you know it! Ryan, The Pool Pro, recommends adding some pool and spa maintenance to your list. Opening your pool or spa […]

  • Create your family’s bucket list for this fall and winter!

    Autumn has already come upon us and the pool is too cold for swimming (for most of us anyway).  Have you thought about what you will plan to get the family together now that the seasons have changed? Why not create a family Fall and/or Winter bucket list?  Everyone gathers around the table and agrees […]

  • Making Strides to End MS

    The R&R Walking Team is Walking to end MS! Making Strides-  Why we’re walking to end MS The R&R Family knows what it is like to be affected by MS. Not only has it affected one of our own but it has touched some of our own customers and friends. This silent disease affects so […]

  • Summer has hit at R&R Pools

    Hello summer, where have you been? It feels like we have waited forever for you to show up. Now you are finally here and we at R&R Pools are ready! Have you been in yet this year? Did you like how the store is looking? How is your pool doing do far? Did you get […]

  • Stay safe at R&R Pools

    As promised in my last blog, safety equipment and ways to stay safe all season long are available at R&R Pools. Whether it is a safety hook or pool alarms, we are prepared. Are you? Some of the tools we have for safety, are safety hooks, poles, swim rings, arm bands, pool alarms, and so […]

  • Childhood Memories

    It doesn’t take much for me to think back to my childhood. I can’t remember life without a swimming pool. Water has always been such a basic, yet essential, part of my life. My fondest summertime memories, forever etched in my mind, are of countless hours of swimming and poolside playing. The refreshing splash from a dive […]

  • Father’s Day, A weekend of sales at R&R Pools

    Just like every other special day of the year, we at R&R Pools help you and your family celebrate it, by saving you money with a weekend filled with great sales and gift ideas for Father’s Day. We have so many great gift ideas for you this year that we just had to put some […]