The party is over, and all the guests have gone home.  You spent so much time stressing to make sure the party went over smoothly and that everyone had fun and now it’s time for you to just sit by the pool and…. Oh no!  The party has ended, but now the pool needs work to restore it back to the sparkling clear water it once was. 

  1. Clear the pool area of anything left sitting out.  Items such as towels or toys left on the pool deck can become a tripping hazard.  Have a walk around and look for anything that is out of place or that should not be on the deck and put it away. 
  1. Skim the pool water for any debris, grass, leaves or even any left behind toys.   
  1. Brush the pool walls.  Your sanitizer is likely lower due to the number of persons in your pool during the party and it doesn’t take much for bacteria to begin to grow.  So, take a walk around the pool and brush the walls, with particular care to the “dead spots” under the return jets, next to stairs or ladders.  That will have any bacteria or algae free floating in the water. 
  1. Test the water.  It is likely that your pH level has dropped in the pool during the party.  Test the water with your drop kit, test strips, or take a sample to your pool professional and make the recommended adjustments to have the water back to perfectly balanced. 
  1. Shock your pool.  Ensure the pool has been oxidized to remove any bacteria or algae in the water.  You can use a 15-minute shock and swim if you plan on getting back into the pool later in the day.  Just be sure to check that your sanitizer reading is within its proper range before jumping in. 

Bonus tips for before the party: 

  • Start prepping the pool area a week or so prior to the party date.  Ensure the pool is properly balanced and sanitized.  Remove any tripping hazards from the pool deck area.  Check over your pool accessories – including safety equipment – and replace anything that may be broken or damaged.   
  • If you don’t have an outdoor shower for guests to use, set up a garden hose and ask them to at least spray any grass / debris off their feet before jumping into the pool.  Or have a basket of flip flops near by for guests to wear around the yard.  Not only will this limit the grass and debris in the pool, but they have a little keepsake to take home with them. 
  • Offer your guests plastic tableware for food and drinks.  Glass should never be used around the pool area in case of breakage. 

Now that you have finished your after pool party pool care – Sit back, relax and soak in some rays – you deserve it! 

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