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  • Goodbye 2020

    2020 was a season like no other.  We hope you and your loved ones managed to stay safe during the pandemic and continue to do so in the future.  We would like to thank all our clients, both old and new, for supporting us while we all dealt with figuring out the new normal. Our […]

  • Investing in a robotic pool cleaner

    If you have been thinking of taking the plunge and investing in a robotic pool cleaner – this article is for you! A robotic pool cleaner can help to save you time, money and a backache.  As you know your time is valuable and maintaining the pool requires a bit of effort:  skimming the top […]

  • Holiday Gift Giving Guide

    Looking for the ultimate gift this holiday season?  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, we have the gift they would be thrilled to receive!  With options such as items to feel cozy poolside, the gadget guide, wellness, and more. You are sure to find something for everyone on your list.  Cozy Poolside Make sure […]

  • Using the 5 senses to dream the perfect backyard escape

    When we think of creating our backyard getaway, we tend to choose items based on our sight. While that is an important factor, a truly complete escape should appeal to all 5 senses.  When designing your backyard we want to encourage you to think about your 5 senses and how they can play a role […]

  • Essential tools for your hot tub!

    It is the perfect weather to soak in your hot tub to relieve the stress and tensions of the day.  Making sure you have the essential tools on hand can make this evening even more enjoyable. Spa Complete SpaGuard’s Spa Complete is the ultimate essential for any hot tub.  With its lavender and eucalyptus scent […]

  • When to replace your pool liner?

    Inground pool liners have a typical life expectancy of 15 years, although circumstances can reduce or increase the life span of the liner.  We recommend starting to think about the replacement around the 12 year mark.  A liner replacement can be an expensive renovation, especially if you decide to bundle the reno with a few […]

  • Getting Smart with Hot Tub Chemistry

    Are you thinking about getting a hot tub, or are you a new hot tub owner and the chemistry just seems to be overwhelming for you?  A hot tub is meant to be a way of relaxing and helps to reduce stress and tension.  Don’t allow it to worry you! We are going to dig […]

  • The secret to closing pools

    After a glorious summer, closing your pool is not an easy task to think about.   When is the best time to close? Do we need to put in chemicals before closing the pool?  How can you open cleaner in the spring?  What about covering the pool – Do I really need to?  Here we […]

  • 5 tips for busy pool owners

    We all end up busy during the summer, between vacations, weddings, working longer hours, it seems summer passes us by with the blink of an eye.  How can you ensure your pool is always ready when you are? 1.  Sanitize / Shock / Test On a weekly basis, spend just a few moments testing your […]

  • From Backyard Mistakes to a Backyard Escape

    When designing your dream backyard, it is easy to fall into the design “mistake” category.  We have compiled a list of some of common mistakes people make when creating their backyard paradise that will hopefully help you on your own journey. 1.  Ensure you contact a pool installer with knowledge and experience.  A pool installation […]