When to replace your pool liner?


Inground pool liners have a typical life expectancy of 15 years, although circumstances can reduce or increase the life span of the liner.  We recommend starting to think about the replacement around the 12 year mark.  A liner replacement can be an expensive renovation, especially if you decide to bundle the reno with a few other pool enhancements, such as lighting, tanning ledges, new stairs, adding in a heat pump or upgrading your pump and filter.  You may also want to consider adding an automatic pool cover or updating the concrete.  We recommend starting to plan for a liner replacement prior to requiring one. This will give you the time to make choices about what style and improvements suit your lifestyle and help you plan your budget ahead of time.

So, what signs should you look for that it is time to replace your liner?

1.  Staining and Fading

Liners can fade over time due to exposure to UV rays from the sun and from chemicals used within the pool water. 

Staining can happen if you have high metal content within the make-up water or due to algae build ups.  Staining can be addressed if the stains are fresh, but overtime you may not be able to remove them all.

As staining and fading occur the liner loses its appeal and sparkle.  Updating the liner can brighten the backyard and add a more modern spin to your outdoor décor.

2.  Leaking

If you notice a small leak within your pool liner, you can use an underwater patch kit – which can buy you time before you need a full replacement.  Ensure the patch is cut in a circular / oval shape with no rough corners and ask your local pool professional for the best advice on how to patch the leak.

If you are unable to determine where a leak is located, call in the pros for assistance.  State of the art technology will assist us in pinpointing the area of the leak.  However, patching is only a temporary fix. You may want to begin the process of planning for a new liner as there is no guarantee that a patch will hold up for years.  Once there is a weakness in the liner it can deteriorate quickly.

3.  Cracking and Tearing

Just like fading, the sun’s UV rays and the pool chemicals you are using can cause the liner to crack or tear.  Once the liner has become brittle, patching may no longer work as well.  Having a crack or a tear that can not be fixed can lead to further issues with water seeping under the liner and damaging the pool walls or floor.

Be sure to inspect your liner on a regular basis to ensure no cracking or tears have begun.

4.  Wrinkles and Stretching

Over time, liners will lose some of their elasticity and can cause the liner to slip out of the track or wrinkles can form.  This is another sign that the liner has stretched beyond its means. Because of this tears can happen faster, and you may want to start planning for a liner replacement.  You may also want to look around the pool’s skimmer and jets for any stretching in these areas, especially if you have noticed a leak in the water.

You can also develop wrinkles due to lack of chemicals in the pool.  When the water is unbalanced and is lacking in a particular chemical, the water will take the chemical from other sources, including the liner.  This can cause the liner to have premature wrinkling which can weaken the liner or make the liner more susceptible to tearing from maintenance equipment or even toenails.

So now that you have decided that a replacement liner is in your future, what is the next step and when is the best time to have the replacement done? 

Be sure to ask for a quote from several companies, and if you are unfamiliar with the companies, ask for references.  You may want to take this time to determine what other pool upgrades are available. Your lifestyle may changed since you installed the pool and if it’s been over a decade since you had any major work done on the pool we guarantee that there are many new products available and advances in technology that you would love to see in your backyard. 

Once you have made the decision on the company you wish to hire, they can help you choose the pattern for a new liner and they will take several measurements of the pool to ensure that the liner will fit each and every slope perfectly.

Spring or Fall are your best options for time frames to have the work done.  This will ensure you do not have much down time with the pool.  Keeping in mind that the Spring is the busiest time for pool professionals so book early if you are looking to get ahead for a great swimming season.

For more information on renovating your pool this season, give R&R a call at 902 876 2773 or e-mail info@rrpools.ca.

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