The secret to closing pools


After a glorious summer, closing your pool is not an easy task to think about.   When is the best time to close? Do we need to put in chemicals before closing the pool?  How can you open cleaner in the spring?  What about covering the pool – Do I really need to?  Here we have a few answers to the questions we have heard.

Timing is key when it comes to closing your pool, to ensure you have a cleaner opening. If you close the pool too soon, your winterizing chemicals may be for nothing as chemicals are consumed much faster in warmer weather.  Wait until temperatures are consistently 65 deg (18 deg Celsius) or less.  Algae grows in warm water, but cannot grow when temperatures are under 65 deg.

Ensure you get your water professionally tested prior to closing.  Closing and in season ranges for balancers are different and your pool professional can help you assess a more accurate addition to help protect your liner and any undetachable equipment.  A winterizing kit will also help keep algae and staining away.

Close your pool in a clear and clean condition.  Closing with leaves or debris, or even algae, in your pool can create more work in the spring and can potentially create a permanent stain on the liner.

Covering the pool for the winter comes recommended by the staff at R&R Pools.  A winter cover can protect the liner from any debris that may become air borne during a winter storm.  There are different options available for both inground and above ground pools.  We recommend using a safety cover on an inground pool for the winter as it provides you with the highest level of protection for children and pets. It will also allow water to flow through the cover, but will keep out any debris, assisting you in opening cleaner.  An enviromesh cover for an above ground pool will also allow water to flow through, but keeps out the debris

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