Have a water fanatic on your shopping list and looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Whether you are looking for a pool or a spa enthusiast, take into consideration what they love… their pool and / or hot tub.  How great is it when you get an invitation to join them in their backyard oasis! Start crossing the gifts off your list with a little help from us, we are always able to help you pick the right product to meet any budget!

Here are some of our best sellers:


Looking to help someone important to you de-stress after the holiday commotion? Think about spa fragrances.  Not only can we help you find the best scent for aromatherapy treatment, but these scents can also be used in their bathtub, so if they don’t own a hot tub, no worries – for them or you!

Gadget / Robotics

Is dad a gadget guide?  Visit us for help on picking out a new robotic pool cleaner, with several models, how much technology does your dad love???  Already have a pool cleaner.  What about upgrading him to automation or the new Hydrapure system?

Hayward HydraPure


Want to provide Mom with comfort?  How about a bucket of Optimizer Plus for her pool opening?  Leaving the water feeling soft on her skin as she swims her laps this product is a definite mom pleaser. 

South Bound

Are you or the person on your list planning a trip south before the spring thaw?  We have sarongs, beach dresses and beach bags in stock, add a few accessories inside the bag and you or your bestie is heading south in style! 

Active Traveler

Perhaps your person heading south is more into wellness and exercise, consider the long fins or the alignment kickboard to help them up their game and glide through the ocean!

Stocking Stuffers

We have a lot of choices for stocking stuffers as well.  From test strips to cleaners, flamingo thermometers to ice towels and the ever-popular aromatherapy scents also makes a great stocking stuffer.


Don’t forget the kids!  Dive sticks, Dive rings, Jumbo beach balls, goggles, and air mattresses, we have something for everyone.

Not only will you bring a smile to someone over the holidays, but you will also be supporting a small, local, family business that has served the community for 40 years.

So…. what are you waiting for?  Pop in and browse our selection of goods.  We are open 9-5 on Tuesdays and 9-1 on Saturdays. 

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