5 Fun Backyard Pool Game Ideas for the Summer


Summer is here and the great weather with it! With the ongoing social distancing orders, you’re probably spending the summer at home and enjoying the outdoors with loved ones. So how about doubling the fun with some classic pool games that’ll make the holiday more fun and active. Here’s a list of our favorite pool games.

1. Marco Polo

Remember how during your first swim lesson you learned that you needed to keep your eyes open while swimming? It turns out that there are a few exceptions, and in this case, it’s when playing Marco Polo. The game is simple, and the more players, the merrier. It’s a game of hide & seek but inside the pool. First, you’ll need to appoint one player as “It.” The player will close their eyes as the others hide on different corners of the pool. “It” will then swim, trying to locate the other players by saying Marco and the others must respond with Polo! The first person, “It”, discovers, becomes the new seeker.

2. Dolphin Race

You’ll need two beach balls for this game. Divide the players into two teams. You could opt for a race or a relay. Each team will then attempt to push the balls using their noses from one end to another, and the first to finish wins. Also, as the name suggests, it’s called a dolphin race, so you shouldn’t use your hands to touch the ball.

3. Diving Challenge

This game is perfect for building kids’ confidence. For this game, you’ll need a few toys. Your kids can then dive to retrieve each toy. We recommend using items that won’t damage your vinyl-liner pool, check out what we have to offer https://www.rrpools.ca/shop/category/toys/.

4. Numbers

No need to get scared. The game has nothing to do with algebra. First, you’ll need to create two teams. Next, each team gets a bucket then lines up on different sides. Throw several itemized balls inside the pool. Each team will then jump in and try to grab as many balls as possible, taking only one at a go. The team with the most numbered balls wins.

5. Workouts

With the kids stuck at home all day during summer, what better way to get them to work out than doing pool workouts? Not only do these exercises create a great routine, but it also boosts their health. To make it fun, add a few water challenges such as water runs, underwater handstands, and noodle races.

Backyard pools are already fun, to begin with; however, introducing a few activities doubles the enjoyment, relaxation, and workouts. Whether it’s with the kids or adults, these classic pool activities are always a crowd-pleaser. So, as you begin prepping for summer, we hope you remember to add watermelons to your summer shopping list!

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