Safety covers have been proven to be a smart investment for inground swimming pools.  We install them on every new pool install we build and recommend them to our clients with existing pools.  The initial investment may seem a little steep, but the benefits can far outweigh the initial costs.  Here are our reasons for recommending a safety cover.

The materials used in making a safety cover are durable and able to withstand the weather we see here in Nova Scotia during the winter months.  These covers can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.  If you don’t feel like a DIY maintenance is right for you, your pool professional should offer a safety cover maintenance service to assist you in taking proper care of the cover.

Safety – its right in the name!  A safety cover can prevent falls into the pool keeping children, pets, and wildlife safe during the winter months.  They are designed to support the weight of an adult and give you peace of mind when children are playing around the pool.

A safety cover can also provide your pool area with a nice visual appearance when you are enjoying your yard after the pool has been closed for the season, or just before opening.  An uncovered pool can turn green with algae with the water being stagnant.  Other styles of covers have the appearance of a tarp and some even require waterbags to hold them in place, creating a tripping hazard as well as an eyesore.

A safety cover will also help to keep debris out of the pool during the winter months when the water is not circulating.  These covers are designed with mesh material that allows water to drain through but removing the debris.  This will help to open the pool in a clean and clear state, which will save you both time and money upon opening.

In summary, the benefits of investing in a safety cover prove that it is a wise decision as it provides safety, visual appeal, and a cleaner / clearer pool in the spring.  If you would like to discuss safety covers in more detail, please contact our knowledgeable team for more information and to receive a quote.

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