There are several reasons why you should be checking on your swimming pool over the winter months: 

  1. Always the number one reason – Safety.  Even with a winter cover on the swimming pool children and pets can still wander around the pool and fall into the water.  Regular checks on the pool area can ensure that your cover is properly secured and there are no hazards near the pool. 
  1. Winter storms can cause damage to the pool and any equipment left in the pool area.  Do a walk around the pool itself and look at the equipment to make sure everything seems to be in order.  Identifying an issue early on can prevent a larger problem from developing. Although you may not be able to fix an issue that begins over the winter with your swimming pool, taking photos and sending them to your pool professional may also prevent further damage from happening as they are the best ones to provide you with advice on what steps can be taken now, and what will happen once the weather warms up again. 
  1. Knowing of an issue that may have arisen over the winter allows you to contact your pool professional for repairs and begin the process of fitting you in their queue in the Spring.  Spring is a very busy time for pool professionals and the sooner you can call them and be placed in their queue means the sooner you and your family can start enjoying your pool again.   
  1. Although you cannot add chemicals to a pool that is not circulating, you can add a product such as the “WinterPill” before a freeze begins.  The WinterPill has a clarifier to maintain sparkling clear water, a scale inhibitor to control scale buildup, and a stain inhibitor to prevent iron, copper and manganese stains. WinterPill is enzyme-enhanced – it breaks down non-living organics and controls water rings. 

If you suspect there is an issue with your pool over the winter months, contact your local pool professional for advice on how to proceed to prevent further damage from occurring and to get peace of mind. 

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