Pool maintenance is a breeze with the proper tools at your disposal.  Maintenance equipment, while not complex, is some of the most important parts of your pool care routine and maintenance.

Each piece of equipment should be rinsed off after use and allowed to dry.  Periodically inspecting them for damage and replacing them when needed.

The telescopic pole is your main piece as all the remaining equipment attaches to the pole for use.  The telescopic pole has a reach of 8’-16’ ensuring that you can reach the bottom of the deep end from standing beside the pool.

The leaf skimmer is a great tool for skimming the leaves and debris floating on the top surface of the water.

The deep leaf net allows for easier removal of leaves and debris from the floor of the pool, having one with an attached scoop is ideal.

A wall brush is important to remove any algae from the walls and floor of the pool.  If algae is stuck to a surface, you cannot remove it, it needs to be free floating in the water, so brushing at least once a week is important, and make sure you are concentrating on the dead spots in the pool – under the return jets and beside any ladders or stairs.

You may also have a manual pool vacuum.  These are great for picking up debris in a smaller area, if you do not own a robotic pool cleaner, or if the water temperature is too cold for the robotic cleaner to work.  The manual vacuum uses your pump to operate by using a vac plate in your skimmer, you can then vacuum algae to waste, so it bypasses the filtration system and goes straight out of the pool.

A robotic pool cleaner will remove the debris from your pool and has a built-in filtration system, saving wear and tear on your pump and filter system, as well as saving your valuable time.  Most robotic cleaners for inground pools will not only vacuum the floor but will clean the walls up to the waterline in the pool.

Test strips or drop testing kits are extremely important and should be in your regular routine of pool maintenance.  Checking to ensure your pH and sanitizer readings are within their ideal range keeps your pool clean, clear and healthy for swimming.  Strips do have an expiry date on the bottle, whereas the drop reagents should be replaced every spring.  If you are having problems with keeping the chemicals balanced be sure to take a sample into your pool professional for analysis.

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