Problem of the Month: Summer Storms


Why do anything about it?

While a small amount of rain does not seem like a big deal, a storm, high winds or heavy downpour can affect your swimming pool.  Water is not just water.  A large amount of rain can impact the chemical balance in your swimming pool, as well, wind can pick up algae spores and even debris and put those right into your pool water.  Algae growth can happen very quickly after a rainstorm if you are not prepared.

Prevention (Before the Storm to Do):

The number one thing to do if you know a summer storm or rainstorm is approaching is to stay out of the pool. 

  • Do not drain water from your pool in preparation of the rain coming.  The water helps to protect the walls and floor of the pool from damages.
  • Keep your pool cover off the pool during a storm.  High winds can cause the cover to lift off the pool.  Tie your solar roller and blanket to the fence.  Leave auto covers open and remove the cover pump from the deck area.
  • Remove any objects such as patio furniture, standalone plants, and pool toys away from the pool area.  Tie down any items that can not be removed from the vicinity.
  • Cut off the power at the breaker.
  • Prune and clean up any branches or debris to prevent it from detaching and landing in the pool.

What to do after the storm passes:

Once the storm has passed

  • Turn on your breaker and restart your circulation system.
  • Assess the pool area for damages.
  • If the pool water level became too high from the storm, set the filter to waste and drain some of the water out.
  • Skim the pool surface for any debris that may have entered the pool during the storm.
  • Shock your pool with a good chlorine shock, this will help to kill any algae or bacteria that may have gotten into the pool during the storm and help to raise the chlorine level to an acceptable one after the water was diluted.
  • After 24 hours, test the pH and Alkalinity levels of the pool to see if any balancing adjustments are required to the water.

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