• An Inconvenient Truth, a Convenient Solution!

    It’s sad to say, but summer is almost at its end. Winter will be quickly upon us and as we know, preparations must be made! Living in the great white North means that in order to ensure protect your investment, your pool must be properly winterized and closed as the temperatures drop. One of the […]

  • What is an ocean water pool?

    The nice soothing feel of salt water on your skin as you float around enjoying the cloudless blue sky. Relaxing, soothing, wonderful. You can bring this feeling right into your swimming pool. But there is a few things you should consider first. An ocean water pool is the original salt water pool before the invention of […]

  • Oh you salt customers… Please balance your pool

    It’s hard to believe that after all the education behind chemicals and keeping your pool water safe, I am still hearing people on the street saying they have a salt water pool and they were told they had to do no chemical balancing what so ever. Oh my, if anyone has ever step foot in […]

  • The Importance of Proper Water Balance

    What is balanced water? Water that has been properly balanced is water with the proper quantity of certain chemicals that are very important to your swimmers and your pool/equipment. Why is water Balance Important? Water Balance is highly important for three main reasons: It helps sanitizing chemicals (i.e. chlorine and bromine) to work effectively, keeping swimmers […]

  • The Top 7 things you can do for energy savings

    A swimming pool is a place of relaxation and summer fun. It just hits the spot on a hot summer day with friends. What else could you ask for? Energy efficiency can be gained through all aspects of your home including your swimming pool. Sometimes just a few simple tweaks can save a lot of […]

  • R&R Pools top question of the year about swimming pools

    The swimming pool season is in full swing now. Everyone survived Tropical storm Arthur without too much damage I hope. Seems everyone had a chance to read R&R Pools information about preparing for a storm. The most important thing we say during any kind of wind storm or hurricane is PLEASE TURN YOUR POOL OFF! No one […]

  • Summer has hit at R&R Pools

    Hello summer, where have you been? It feels like we have waited forever for you to show up. Now you are finally here and we at R&R Pools are ready! Have you been in yet this year? Did you like how the store is looking? How is your pool doing do far? Did you get […]

  • Safety Covers — More than just for safety

    I don’t think we could finish safety month without talking about the safety cover. A swimming pool safety cover is more than just for safety, it will transform your backyard, keep costs low, and keep your family safe. There are two types of safety covers; the common winter safety cover and the automatic safety cover. Both […]

  • Swimming Safety at R&R Pools Starts with you!

    How can you keep everyone safe? Adults or lifeguards should be actively watching children at all times while they are in a pool. Infants and little ones require an adult to be in the water and at arm’s reach, providing “touch supervision.”  For older children, an adult should be paying immediate attention and free from distractions, like talking on the […]