• Water Fitness Safety Tips, Pet Lovers Safety Tips

    Safety Month at R&R Pools continues with some safety tips for the water aerobics lovers and the pet lovers! Water Fitness: Water fitness is both healthy and effective.  It increases stamina, agility, and strength while assisting in weight loss.  Physical exercise in a swimming pool also helps safeguard bones and joints from the grueling effects […]

  • Water Safety and Safe Entertaining

    Water Safety Water safety is a huge concern for everyone.  Follow these tips and you can greatly lessen any chances of an accident. Adequate Adult Supervision!  A child can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. If you must leave the pool area for any reason such as to answer the phone or […]

  • Safe Diving, Sliding and Jumping

    Summertime means fun for kids.  Thrill and adventure awaits them at every turn.  But it’s the thrill of diving into a pool or sliding into the water that prompts us to send out a reminder on safe diving and sliding this week as we dig further into our Safety Month.  Below is a piece from […]

  • What Causes Poor Pool Circulation

    Poor pool circulation can be the root cause of many unsolved water problems. On all accounts it appears that we are doing the right thing and adding the right products but we’re missing something. And that SOMETHING is the reason the pool isn’t coming around to its usual fabulous condition. SO who, what, where, when does that mean? […]

  • Be Mom’s Favorite!

    Mother’s day is fast approaching so why not show mom why you should be her favorite this year with a gift from R&R Pools! We have suggestions for every mom: Why not some sunglasses to keep the sun out of her eyes as she lounges in the pool with her new floating chair as she […]

  • Is it time for a liner replacement?

    Is your liner looking a little faded? Maybe it already has a few patches that you don’t find very appealing. Maybe it won’t stay in the track or possibly it is coming up in age and you know this is going to happen sooner or later. At some time in its life your pool is […]

  • Making Strides to End MS

    The R&R Walking Team is Walking to end MS! Making Strides-  Why we’re walking to end MS The R&R Family knows what it is like to be affected by MS. Not only has it affected one of our own but it has touched some of our own customers and friends. This silent disease affects so […]