A pool is a big step towards creating your dream backyard oasis – but it’s not the only step. Investing in a gorgeous swimming pool only to surround it with plain white concrete around it is kind of like pulling on your old Nike’s to complete a three-piece suit. Don’t let your beloved backyard pool look like it belongs at the Y; surround it in style with a pool deck that’s going to give you years of aesthetic and practical enjoyment.

A Word on Concrete Decks…

Okay, we kind of dissed concrete and that was not our intention. In addition to being low-maintenance and durable, concrete can also be beautiful, depending on how it’s done. Today’s concrete pool decks are available in a huge range of decorative options and can be made to look and feel exactly like natural brick, stone, expensive tile, or even wood! Of course, the colour range is virtually unlimited as well. Other benefits of a good concrete pool deck surround include:

  • Resistance to pool chemicals and fading, so your colours and designs stay alive longer;
  • Easy to improve traction for less slippage on wet pool deck — add grit or finishes, like broom-finish;
  • Lighter colours like sand or white will keep the surface much cooler than brick or stone would;
  • LED lighting can easily be incorporated for gorgeous illuminated night swimming; and
  • Can be stamped, stained, chiseled, hand-cut, and customized like no other material for a unique look.

Other Materials for a Gorgeous Pool Deck

All that being said, concrete is by no means the only game in town. Wood and composite pool decks are extremely popular because they often match your home’s deck, and boast great versatility when it comes to shape and size. They’re also less expensive than stone. Natural or manufactured stone is essentially the gold standard of pool decks – expect to invest a lot more than you would with concrete, kind of like opting for marble countertops rather than the Formica look-alike. But chlorine and other pool chemicals can take their toll on natural materials, so be sure to discuss this with your builder, who should specialize in pool decks and understand how to deal with their unique challenges.

Pool decks can also be built from aluminum, resin, or a combination of materials that really suits your personal style as well as your practical and budgetary needs.

Ideas for Fabulous Pool Decks

A Google search will certainly reveal tons of stunning pictures you can copy – if your space and budget allow. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your dream pool deck:

– Don’t forget the grass. Allowing space for grass (which feels so good under bare toes) or other green growing things including shade trees, is important when planning the size and scope of your deck (again, you don’t want to feel like you’re at the Y, and not all your guests will want to be in the sun at all times).

– Using multiple materials such as brick, wood, and stone in a creative way can help integrate your pool deck with your deck-deck, patio, and other features of your backyard.

– Staggering your pool deck with steps can create distinct levels of deck for various activities, like relaxation, barbecuing, and playing.

– For a more rustic look, try for randomness rather than the uniformity of concrete pavers; especially if you have a smaller space and/or a freeform shaped pool, natural or simulated stone and rock formations do better than sharp angles.

With a little imagination, your ideal pool deck will come to life – and become the perfect accent to your backyard!


If you have any questions on pool decking let us know. We’ll be sure to answer all your questions. Curious to the endless list of colour options for concrete? Check this out:


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