Do you love your pool and want to make it even better? Are you tired of looking at the same old pool noodles or that faded inflatable beach ball that came for free with your last car wash? Yeah, it’s a first world problem, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t working hard to solve it. Inventors have come out with pool gadgets so cool, they just might blow you away.

Here is our guide to the 10 best pool accessories for 2017.

  1. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Floating speakers that work with Apple and Android products, and even light up? Yes. Hello, nighttime pool parties!
  2. Underwater pool chairs. Getting out of the water is so last year. Enjoy your drink IN the pool on adjustable chairs that light up.
  3. Lightsaber pool noodles. If you’re going to get pool noodles, make them Star Wars pool noodles!
  4. Remote controlled pool skimmer. Reach ALL the debris in the pool while you sit in comfort poolside with this easy-to-control, trending pool toy. Bonus: it gives the kids a chore that they will actually want to do.
  5. Inflatable lounge raft. So you love sun but not all the time? Don’t worry about staking out the perfect deckside spot; bring the shade with you as you float along in this crème de la crème lounger.
  6. Waterproof camera case. No need to spend hundreds (or thousands) on a camera designed for snorkeling when you can put your existing one in this case. You’ll take awesome pool pics even as shutter-shy friends attempt to slosh half the pool’s contents in your face.
  7. Pet escape ramp. Even agile pets can struggle to get out of the pool when their fur is saturated with water. With this ramp, they can go in and get out safely whenever they wish.
  8. Inflatable basketball. When lounging just doesn’t cut it, get this game with multiple ports so many kids (or grownups) can practice their shots while staying heart-healthy and fit.
  9. Floating LED light globes. You don’t want to clutter up your pool with floating light globes? Really? Are you sure? Because we think they’re pretty cool and they also look quite good in any pond or water feature.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S8. Perhaps, in the end, the very best pool accessories are the ones that allow you to live your life in and around the pool without a lot of hassle. Now you can ditch the paranoia and bring your phone right into the water, and never miss a call from friends who want to come over and take a dip!

This list does not by any means contain all the cool pool toys available to enhance your pool experience. If you’re a pool owner looking for more fun in the water, take the time to do a quick online search for trending pool gadgets. You’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your needs and lifestyle. Or, if you wish you had a pool to float some speakers in, contact us today!

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