It’s the dream real estate listing: “Renovated house on a pool-sized lot." Of course, opinions vary as to what exactly constitutes a pool-sized lot. While the standard is 40’, homeowners with a lot more land – and a lot less – have found that when it comes to pool sizes, frontage is just a number. No matter what your backyard layout, there is a pool shape that works for your space, lifestyle, and needs.

Swimming Pool Sizes and Shapes

While you can have a pool in any size or shape you want – we know a musician who got his shaped like a grand piano – these are some of the standard pool shapes:

• Rectangular: The traditional, Olympic shape, this pool is ideal for swimming laps and it is also the easiest pool shape to care for.

• L-shaped: Works well for yards that aren’t rectangular and also allows for laps, while creating a shallow area on the short bar of the L.

• Oval: Consider this shape if you have a big yard because it is the most demanding in terms of space requirements, but perfect for water sports and games.

• Round: Most commonly an aboveground pool shape round pools give a lot of swimming space in a compact area.

• Figure 8: In addition to being a cool shape, this type of pool is perfect for families with young children because it allows for very demarcated shallow and deep ends.

• Kidney or Celebrity shaped: Nice and curvy, this is essentially a lazy Figure 8. As with all curved pools, you sacrifice some water space in exchange for a larger deck and patio area.

When it comes to pool sizes, typical dimensions usually run around 500sq ft. But if you have a small yard, don’t sweat it; you have options. Lap pools can allow you to enjoy aquatic exercise and water aerobics in a pool about the size of an SUV! If you dream of relaxation and recreation, a smaller play pool is ideal for cooling off; you will still have plenty of useable pool space, which can be upgraded with a waterfall or waterslide, and a depth of up to 6 feet.

How to Plan the Perfect Pool for Your Space

Our expert team will walk you through the process of choosing what pool size and shape is right for you and your family, based on a thorough assessment of your property and your needs, wants, and desires. But when it comes to swimming pool sizes, you’ll want to get your wish list down before consulting the pros, to ensure that you absolutely love your pool’s design and function. Some ideas include:

• Talking to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to learn from their experience when it comes to pool sizes and installation.

• Save photos of pools and pool features that you like. Check out Pinterest and Houzz as well as our gallery and our Backyard Escapes Magazines

• Use a garden hose to build a pool on the lawn in your preferred shape and size to get an idea of the space requirements.

• Consider how much time you, your family, and guests will spend at the pool vs. other types of outdoor activities that interest you, such as sports, gardening, and lawn games to determine pool size.

• Consider local bylaws and how close you can be to your property lines.

Remember our expert team will be able to walk you through which size pool will best suit your backyard, vision and your budget. The best advice is choose your pool size based upon everyday use and not on pool party size. There is always room in the pool. Your wallet will thank you.


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Here’s to creating your next family vacation!

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