You’ve finally done it – you’ve gotten a beautiful swimming pool destined to be the envy of your friends and neighbours, while providing your family with enjoyment all summer long. With a little routine maintenance and basic pool cleaning equipment, you can keep your pool safe and healthy for years to come, and avoid costly repairs that could land you in hot water.

Here’s the pool equipment you need:

  1. Telescopic pole. This is the Swiss Army knife of pool cleaning supplies. Why? It’s not the pole itself, but the fact that it’s essential to so many pool cleaning supplies, which makes it one of the most versatile swimming pool tools you can buy. Pool vacuum heads, skimmer nets, and even pumice stones all attach to a telescopic pole to keep your pool clean and sparkling.
  2. Pool brush. Of paramount importance to proper pool and spa maintenance, yet surprisingly often overlooked, is pool brushing. Brush pool walls, benches, steps, and floors once a week to prevent slimy algae and dirt films that don’t succumb to regular vacuuming. Opt for the metal lined brush option to ensure it doesn’t break. The soft bristles are the same.
  3. Testing kit or strips. Pool owners best friend. The testing kit is paramount to success. Your immediate action upon coming out to the pool should be to test. Ensure a good chlorine reading and adjust pH as needed. This one step will save you money and frustration over and over again. Then cannonball away!
  4. Water Treatment Products. You know how the water in the kiddie pool is kind of gross? That’s called bacteria. The more people using your pool, the more you’ll appreciate the need for chemicals over and above the pump and filter (your primary pool cleaning equipment) to keep the water free of contaminants. You will need a combination of chlorine and various types of balancing agents in order to maintain optimum pool cleanliness.
  5. Skimmer net. The tool that reminds us most of beach resort staff members wearing white shorts, skimmers are simply flat mesh nets attached to a telescopic pole that are great for removing leaves and other floating debris. A deep leaf rake net is similar, but will reach all the way to the pool floor to scoop sunken debris. A must have for leafy backyards.
  6. Vacuum. While brushing does remove that stubborn film, a pool vacuum is like pulling out the big guns; debris doesn’t stand a chance. Whether you choose a robotic hands free pool crawler that will do the job for you while you sunbathe, or the less expensive manual version, the various components of a pool vacuum include the aforementioned wonderful telescopic pole with a specialized vacuum head and vacuum hose attached.
  7. Pool Experts. One of the best things to have behind you is your local certified Pool Experts. They can help guide you through water care, simple repairs and troubleshooting. The R&R Team also offers DIY seminars, DIY blogs, in-store rack cards and friendly advice. Don’t underestimate the power of the Pros! All you have to do is ask.

If you would rather just swim than use swimming pool tools, ask us about our Life of Leisure Treatment Package!

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