Top 3 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid


As a pool owner, you’ll once in a while make mistakes while carrying out pool maintenance. But it’s your response to such errors that really matters. These slip-ups present an opportunity to learn.

Even so, educating yourself on some of the day-to-day pool maintenance mistakes can help you keep your pool cleaner, safer, and running flawlessly.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid at all cost according to the pool professionals here at R&R Pools.

1. Not Maintaining Alkalinity & pH Levels

Just like in plants and human beings, a balanced pH is vital for your pool as well. A low pH is acidic while a high pH is alkaline. When either of the two parameters is in excess, things can go out of hand.

A highly acidic pool sounds good since it eliminates algae and other critters inside your pool. But that comes with consequences. It can destroy your equipment.

Acidic water may adversely impact your pool’s solar blanket, heater, vinyl liner, and devices such as chemical feeders and automatic pool cleaners. 

So, what’s the solution?

As a rule of thumb, maintain a delicate balance of acidity and alkalinity. Keep in mind that even fallen leaves are more than enough to affect your pool’s pH. That’s why you need to check your water pH levels frequently.

It is recommended that you check your pH level on a weekly basis using your at home test kit (drops or sticks) and have your water tested monthly by a pool professional.  This will help to keep you Alkalinity and pH levels in balance to protect your liner and equipment while ensuring comfort for swimmers.

For more information on water chemistry, check out our blog on water testing:

2. Backwashing your filter too much

Backwashing the pool filter may seem like a great idea, and it is an important part of the maintenance of your pool, but did you know that a dirty filter will clean your water more efficiently by not allowing smaller particles to pass through the sand.  

Watch the pressure gauge on your filter, everyone has a “normal” number, not everyone has the same “normal”.  After completing a backwash, make a note as to the number the pressure gauge is on.  This is your normal number.  Now leave your filter to do its thing and wait.  

When the pressure reads 8 – 10 psi above your normal number, you may notice a lack of suction while trying to vacuum or poor circulation from low pressure from your return jet.  These are indications that it is now time to backwash the filter.  

Ensure when you backwash, that you do it for 3 minutes, this will allow the sand to clean more efficiently, you won’t need to backwash as frequently, and it will save you water.  A plus to those who rely on water from a well.

Don’t forget to rinse!  Rinsing for 30 seconds after backwashing pushes the sand back in place clearing the filter of loose dirty water.  If you don’t rinse, you will have a puff of dirty water coming through the jet and back into your clean pool.

Check out this link on how to properly backwash your sand filter:

3. Not Brushing Your Pool

As a pool owner, you know how crucial it is to vacuum your pool to keep grime from accumulating in your water. But that’s not enough.

Not brushing your pool is one of the pool maintenance mistakes you don’t want to make. Just like your teeth need regular brushing, you need to brush your pool for it to stay in top shape. It’s essential to always brush your pool thoroughly after vacuuming it. For thorough cleaning, use a heavy-duty aluminum pool brush with good bristles.

Brushing the walls will remove any particles off the walls of the pool and bring them into the water so your circulation system can filter them and your oxidizer will work to kill them (depending on what the particle is).  These particles can include many forms of bacteria, sunscreen, oils and even algae.

Ensure that you clean all the difficult-to-reach areas. Also, cover the stairs and steps, crevices and corners, the waterline, and behind ladders. Brush your pool no less than once a week—more so if it quickly develops grime.

Extend the Useful Lifespan of Your Pool

Avoiding these three common pool maintenance mistakes will keep you steps ahead of disaster. Besides, it will help your pool stay clean and healthy for years to come. Are you looking for pool maintenance accessories and services? Contact R&R Pool today for top-notch services and equipment.

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