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  • 5 Simple Ways to Create Zen in Your Backyard

    If you’re a fan of action films, you may have noticed scenes where the protagonist visits a Zen temple. Typically, this happens when the person has ‘lost their way’ and requires some soul searching. In case you’re wondering why, it’s simply because Zen gardens are the epitome of tranquility, harmony, and focus. While we don’t […]

  • Problem of the Month: Green Algae

    What is it? Algae is a living organism (plant) that can appear in your pool when your sanitizer levels have dropped to a level that cannot control them.  They can enter your pool by various means, including by the wind.  Heavy rain, high heat and low chlorine levels also add to a rapid algae growth.  […]

  • Top 3 Ways to Reduce Chlorine Consumption

    Everyone with a swimming pool at home knows how things can somewhat go out of control if the chemicals aren’t maintained properly. Your pool’s pH and total alkalinity (TA) should stay at the recommended levels; otherwise, it will negatively impact the function of chemicals—more so chlorine. So, how can you make pool maintenance easier and reduce […]

  • How to Deal with Pool Supply Shortages in 2021

    Mentioning that the world wasn’t prepared for the lockdowns caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 is an understatement.  With the introduction of safety protocols such as social distancing, goods production and distribution disruptions have had an adverse impact on the supply chain.  So, as a pool owner, how can you effectively deal with potential […]

  • Dive into creating a lifetime of memories

    Are you looking at installing a swimming pool and wondering how you can make it the perfect backyard paradise? No matter what size yard you have, you can maximize your ideas and develop a landscape that will create a lifetime of beautiful memories for you and your family.

  • Relax in a Winter Paradise

    The Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub Finding a way to relax after a busy holiday season, or a prolonged week at work can be as simple as enjoying a soak in your hot tub or spa.  Sitting in your favorite spot or reclining back in the lounger, drink next to you, soft music playing […]

  • Goodbye 2020

    2020 was a season like no other.  We hope you and your loved ones managed to stay safe during the pandemic and continue to do so in the future.  We would like to thank all our clients, both old and new, for supporting us while we all dealt with figuring out the new normal. Our […]

  • Investing in a robotic pool cleaner

    If you have been thinking of taking the plunge and investing in a robotic pool cleaner – this article is for you! A robotic pool cleaner can help to save you time, money and a backache.  As you know your time is valuable and maintaining the pool requires a bit of effort:  skimming the top […]

  • Holiday Gift Giving Guide

    Looking for the ultimate gift this holiday season?  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, we have the gift they would be thrilled to receive!  With options such as items to feel cozy poolside, the gadget guide, wellness, and more. You are sure to find something for everyone on your list.  Cozy Poolside Make sure […]

  • Using the 5 senses to dream the perfect backyard escape

    When we think of creating our backyard getaway, we tend to choose items based on our sight. While that is an important factor, a truly complete escape should appeal to all 5 senses.  When designing your backyard we want to encourage you to think about your 5 senses and how they can play a role […]