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  • What’s new for 2019 at R&R Pools

    Welcome to the 2019 Pool Season!  We can’t wait to get started.  If you’re counting the days, as we are, here is a little something for you to read over while we anticipate the warmer weather. Here are a few of the changes in store for our clients this season!!! We are saying goodbye to […]

  • Need a Sand / Glass Change? DIY Today!

    How to Change the Sand / Glass in your Filter The silica sand in your filter should be changed every 3 to 5 years. Recycled glass should be changed every 7 to 10 years.  An inefficient filter will require frequent backwashing as well as a higher consumption of chemicals. TIP – Changing the sand in the […]

  • Pool Opening Tips

    It’s time to begin prepping! With summer not too far away, everyone is starting to think about opening their pool, but before you do, remember to prepare and ensure everything is in good condition at least a week before beginning.  This will provide you with enough time to contact your local pool professional if there […]

  • March Break Madness

    March break can be a time of madness while everyone tries to make plans, follow plans, change plans, cancel plans, rework plans, make plans for plans… the list can go on.  March Break should be a time for family to be together, for students to have fun while parents relax.  For everyone to take a […]

  • Spa Must Haves

    Imagine coming home from a tough day at the office, or after your workout at the gym; Your stress level is maxed, your sore and tired muscles are screaming in pain.  And then you step into your spa and just let everything slip away while you take a relaxing soak. Whether you use your hot […]

  • Planning an Evening In

    Valentines Day is right around the corner and it is just too cold to plan an evening out.  Why not plan an evening in?  Send the kids to Nana’s for the weekend and take time to reconnect with your loved one. Make Time For Your Special Someone With a little planning, you can create a […]

  • Wellness Products and Aromatherapy at R&R Pools

        You made a goal to be fit, more active, healthier this year…but ugh! That treadmill has become your worst enemy!  We have ideas that will help to change your habits and make them more enjoyable than your typical everyday workout – Your Pool! Yes, I know, it is too cold for your outdoor […]

  • Welcome to 2019! 

    What a perfect time to reflect on the past and begin contemplating the changes you want to make for yourself, your family and maybe even your backyard retreat. Over the winter months, Ryan and Kara have been, and will continued to be, searching for the newest and best pool add-ons and accessories to bring to […]

  • Common Misconceptions about Purchasing a Hot Tub

      Investing in a hot tub or spa can be overwhelming.  Doing your research before making any type of a large purchase is always recommended, so we have come up with a list of the common misconceptions about hot tubs to help you make your decision. Myth:  The bigger the tub the better – think […]

  • Hot Tubs: The Benefits are Unbelievable!

    As the weather starts to cool down, we are all thinking it’s time to get the hot tub ready for the winter. Nothing better than laying in the tub as the snowflakes slowly come down, ahh so relaxing! Relaxation may be one of the first reasons people want to experience a hot tub, but the […]