Safety Tools for the Pool


No one wants to think about safety when the weather is hot and humid, we all just want to jump on the nearest inflatable swan and enjoy the gentle sway of the water.

By planning for safety ahead of time, you will be prepared should the need arise.  The old saying – it is better to be safe than sorry – applies best with pool safety.


A well kept pool fence provides a barrier around the pool area that can stop someone from wandering into the pool without your knowledge, with the added security of a self latching / self locking gate you won’t be left wondering if you remembered to close it behind you.

Gate Alarm

You can install a gate alarm for extra security.  Once the connection from the gate and the fence is broken an alarm will sound alerting you to unauthorized entry to the pool area.

Door Alarm

If you have small children in the house, you may wish to consider installing a door alarm on the door that leads into the pool area, which will also sound an alarm should the door connection be broken.

In Pool Alarm

Another alarm suggestion is an in-pool alarm.  These systems are designed to sound an alarm in the house if movement in the water is detected.  As with any product, be sure to check out reviews before purchasing.  You want to make sure that if a child falls into the pool an alarm will sound, but if the wind creates a slight current it won’t be affected.

Buoy & Rope Floats

A buoy and rope float will stretch across the surface of the water from side to side.  A person who is having difficulty in the water can hold on to the line which will keep them above the water until help arrives, or they may use it as a guide to the edge of the pool.

Life Preserver / Swim Ring

Should someone be having trouble staying afloat in the water, tossing a life preserver or swim ring into the pool will provide them with something to hold onto, and help to calm down someone who may be panicking in the water, until you can bring them to safety.

Shepherd’s Hook

Similar to the life preserver, the shepherd’s hook provides someone who is struggling something to hold on to while you bring them to safety.  You should lie on the deck when using the shepherd’s hook as it will provide you with more stability.  Once the person grabs hold of the hook, slowly pull them towards the side of the pool.

You may also use a shepherd’s hook to gently pull a small animal from the water when they need help escaping from the pool.

Frog Log

A frog log is not only giving frogs an escape route from the pool, but can also help other small critters find a way out.  Placing a few of these around the perimeter of your pool will allow them to escape back to their habitat safety.  Finding an animal in the pool is never any fun, but they can also be pulled into the filtration system and potentially damage equipment and cause issues.

First Aid Kit, Blanket and Phone

Having a first aid kit, blanket and a phone close by is a must.

Accidents can happen in or out of the pool and we want to ensure that everyone is taken care of.  The deck itself may become slippery from a stray patch of algae or from a puddle.  Keep bandages, alcohol wipes, after-bite and topical ointment on hand, and restock as needed.

The blanket will assist someone who may go into shock from a near drowning.

A telephone will ensure that you can call for an emergency, if needed, and not leave the person alone while you make the call.

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