Maintaining your Spa Investment


When it comes to spas (a.k.a. hot tubs), you want to ensure the water is properly sanitized and balanced, your equipment is protected, and the water is sparkling and inviting for you and your guests.  Here we are looking at the chemicals required to maintain the hot tub, as well as some tips and tricks when it comes to the filters, draining, covers and winter.

Balancing / Chemicals

Just like your swimming pool, you should be having your water tested by a professional once a month.

We want to ensure the water is sanitized for your health, as well as balanced with the proper levels of Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness.  By maintaining the balance of the water, you are extending the life of your spa and protecting your investment.  Your local pool / spa professional can help you to obtain the proper balance of the water, as well as guide you in your weekly chemical requirements, based on your particular hot tub.


Your spa filters should be rinsed once per week (more frequently with heavy use) and chemically cleaned once a month.  After chemically cleaning your hot tub filters you should allow them to dry completely before re-inserting them into the spa.  As you cannot use your spa without its filter, it is recommended to have two sets of filters, so you can rotate them each month.

Drain and Refill

Your hot tub should have a complete drain and refill every 3 months. Prior to draining, it is recommended to use a product such as swirl away, to clean the plumbing inside the hot tub.  This product will help to bring any debris and scaling into the tub from the plumbing lines, for ease of cleaning.  Once the tub has been drained give the seats, jets and head rests a good wipe down, don’t forget to wipe the bathtub ring from the water line.  Remember not to use household chemicals in your spa as it may cause a chemical reaction with the hot tub chemicals.  Once the spa has been cleaned and rinsed, start filling it back up.  (If you are closing the spa for the winter, ensure you have it properly winterized, so no damage occurs)

Spa Covers

Give your spa cover a good cleaning and examine it for any nicks or holes within the vinyl.  A hot tub cover can become waterlogged and become very heavy to lift.  Even if you have a cover lifter, it can cause strain and damage to the lifter if it is too heavy.  A hot tub cover is typically custom made and can take 6-8 weeks for arrival, so getting in the habit of checking it over once a month can help you to locate an issue before it becomes a huge problem.

Winter Snow Load

It is a good idea to remove the snow load from your spa, whether you are using it or it has been winterized.  If the weight of the snow becomes heavy, you may see some damage happen to the cover. Also note, do not use your snow shovel to remove snow from the top of your hot tub.  Although you may already have it in your hand from shoveling the driveway, put it away and grab a broom.  A shovel can easily damage the spa cover or cause a nick which can cause it to take on water from the weather.

Power Outages

With the winter weather coming we may see some power outages happening around us from winter storms.  Should an outage occur, do not lift your spa cover, and do not drain the spa.  We want to maintain the heat in the spa for as long as we can to keep the water from freezing in the plumbing lines.  Your spa should be good for 24 + hours as the temperatures won’t plummet too quickly.  We do, however, recommend contacting your local professional for advice on what to do with the tub if the power outage lasts for more than a 24-hour period and you do not have a generator available.  You want to ensure your family is kept safe from any potential fire hazards, please do not attempt to use a space heater inside the unit.

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