Problem of the Month: Water Discoloration


What is it?

There are various reasons for water discoloration, and it may be best to speak to your pool professional to determine what the cause is – Algae or Metals.

Your pool professional should have a serious of questions they will ask to help determine the cause to help you find the proper solution:

  • Are you on well water or city?
  • What is your Chlorine level?
  • How has your chlorine been in the last few weeks?
  • How long has the pool been up and running?
  • Do you turn your pool off at night?
  • How does your water feel?
  • Does your water change color when adding chlorine shock?


If the determination is that the pool has algae, then your preventative measure will be following your weekly pool regime – Sanitize, Shock, and add Algaecide along with Brushing the pool walls.

If the issue is caused by metals in the water, then using a garden hose adapter when topping up water will eliminate metals before they even get into your pool.  You could use a product such as BioGuard’s Pool Magnet Plus as part of your weekly regime to prevent a future color change in your pool water.

Problem Solver:

If the determination is that it is caused by Algae, then you will treat the water with a shock treatment and an algaecide.  If, however, it is determined to be metals than you will treat the water with products such as BioGuard’s Pool Magnet Plus and Sparkle Up to remove the metals.

Product Details:

Pool Magnet Plus – Prevents and removes stains from iron, copper, and manganese.  Eliminates discolored water from metals.  Use in conjunction with sparkle up to remove metals from the water.

Sparkle Up – Works with your filter to remove tiny particles, restores water sparkle and keeps water clear.  Aids in the removal of copper and iron to prevent metal staining.  Works with all filter types.

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