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  • Summer Showpiece! 

    Pool install creates fashionable, functional outdoor living space in Chester By Fred Sgambati   Jim and Whipple Kanellakos of Bedford, Nova Scotia have a strong affinity for family, fun and the value of outdoor living spaces. When it came time for them to consider a swimming pool, they knew exactly what they wanted and where […]

  • Refresh your Safety Knowledge

    When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful.  This is why we have made June safety month here at R&R Pools.  So before the season gets into full swing and the parties are happening every weekend, refresh your safety knowledge on water and chemical safety. Water Safety Water safety is a huge […]

  • The Benefits of Pool Workouts

    If you’re giving the treadmill some space – say, behind the hot water heater – maybe it’s time to think about taking your workout outside. No, not to the gym. You can get an amazing, calorie burning, muscle firming, metabolism-boosting, waist-trimming workout, right in your own backyard! Turns out your backyard pool, no matter how […]

  • What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Pool

      While the short answer is that you might emerge from your pool looking like the creature from the Black Lagoon, the really scary answer is that you could be shortening the life of your pool by up to 50 percent if you don’t maintain it properly. This is especially true for the water, which ironically is the […]

  • Top 10 Gadgets for your Swimming Pool

    Do you love your pool and want to make it even better? Are you tired of looking at the same old pool noodles or that faded inflatable beach ball that came for free with your last car wash? Yeah, it’s a first world problem, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t working hard to solve it. […]

  • The Ultimate Poolside Must-Haves of 2017

    So you’ve got floating speakers and underwater chairs, but although there’s a lot of cool stuff in your pool, what about what’s beside your pool? That’s right, poolside accessories are just as important as the ones in the water. If you want to truly make the most of your poolside space, take a look at our (surprisingly affordable!) ultimate […]

  • Pool Decking: Surrounding in Style

    A pool is a big step towards creating your dream backyard oasis – but it’s not the only step. Investing in a gorgeous swimming pool only to surround it with plain white concrete around it is kind of like pulling on your old Nike’s to complete a three-piece suit. Don’t let your beloved backyard pool […]

  • Will a Pool Fit? A Guide to Layout and Space Requirements

    It’s the dream real estate listing: “Renovated house on a pool-sized lot." Of course, opinions vary as to what exactly constitutes a pool-sized lot. While the standard is 40’, homeowners with a lot more land – and a lot less – have found that when it comes to pool sizes, frontage is just a number. No matter […]

  • The 7 Tools You Need to Maintain Your Pool

    You’ve finally done it – you’ve gotten a beautiful swimming pool destined to be the envy of your friends and neighbours, while providing your family with enjoyment all summer long. With a little routine maintenance and basic pool cleaning equipment, you can keep your pool safe and healthy for years to come, and avoid costly […]