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  • The R&R Team Favorites

    The Artisan Handrail – Loved by Kelly Kelly loves the elegant look of the Artisan Handrail (or Stair Rail).  It makes the perfect choice for any inground pool.  The Artisan Handrail is easily able to retrofit into an existing handrail location to add a stylish sophistication to your backyard haven.  Safety Cover – Loved by […]

  • A clear pool does not mean healthy pool!

    Swimming pools require routine maintenance and chemicals to ensure the water stays crystal clear and healthy.  We recommend customers to come in once a month for a professional water test, but we do have the odd customer who has come in for the first time later in the season because they have a water issue […]

  • Why Balance Pool Water

    Balancing the pool water means adding the proper amount of certain chemicals to ensure the safety and health of bathers as well as protection for the pool equipment.  To determine the amount of chemicals, as well as which chemicals to add, we encourage you to take a water sample to your local pool professional for […]

  • Problem of the Month: Gross Pool Covers

    What to do about it? Stow Away is used to clean and eliminate odours from your swimming pool cover.  No matter if you are opening or closing for the season, this cleaner will work for your cover – Solar blankets, winter covers, safety covers are all protected with the use of Stow Away.  Removing common […]

  • Problem of the Month: Filter Cleaning

    What is it? Filter cleaning is the chemical cleaning of your sand (or glass) filter media or your cartridge filter.  The pressure gauge on your filter will provide you with an indication on when to back wash or rinse your pool filter, but over time our filters will require chemical cleaning.  It is typically recommended […]

  • Problem of the Month: Salt Cell Cleaning

    What is it? Salt Cell Cleaner is used to clean the inside of the salt cell and is recommended to be done at least once per season.  Build-up can form inside the cell and adhere itself to the fins located inside the salt cell.  Possibly causing damage or decreasing the chlorine output. Prevention: By properly […]

  • Preparing Your Pool and Backyard for a Hurricane or a Violent Storm

    Hurricane season is always of considerable concern. And some of you could be reeling from the pool and yard damage that Hurricane Teddy caused last year. Here’s the thing, whenever the government issues a hurricane watch, people tend to stock up on food, water, and gas. Don’t get me wrong; your safety and health come […]

  • Problem of the Month: Staining

    What causes it?  Staining to your pool surfaces can be caused by organics (such as leaves, berries, algae) that have been left to long on the pool’s surfaces.  Or it can be caused by metals that have been introduced to your water such as from your water source or from rusted metal accessories, parts, and […]