Your solar blanket will come with a warranty from the manufacturer, however in most cases, the blanket will require replacing before this time has passed, and unfortunately it is not covered under the warranty as the warranty is only against manufacturer defects.  So why does the blanket not last as long as the warranty you were told? 

There are a few reasons why the blanket won’t last: 

UV Rays 

The blanket is laying on the pool and exposed to UV rays from the sun.  Overtime the UV Rays cause the material of the blanket to weaken resulting in holes and tears.  


On the top side of the blanket – the UV Rays are causing havoc, on the water side of the blanket, you have the pool chemicals.  The chemicals are needed to ensure the pool is healthy for the user, however, the same chemicals cause issues to the solar blanket.  Chlorine can cause the material to break down and weaken over time.  While high calcium and pH levels can make the material brittle and crack.  


The usage of the blanket can cause issues.  Dragging the blanket across the pool deck or yard can cause damage.  As well, the continuous rolling and unrolling or folding and unfolding of the blanket causes wear and tear on the material. 

Inadequate care or storage of the blanket

The solar blanket should be cleaned prior to storage for the winter months.  Check the manufacturer instructions for the cleaner you are using to determine if the blanket can be stored away wet or not.  Some cleaners require the blanket to be completely dry before storing, if not mold and mildew can form inside the folds.  Some cleaners allow you to stow the blanket away wet and they will discourage rodents from building homes during those winter months as well as keeping mildew and mold away from the folds. 

In summary, to extend the life of your solar blanket, properly clean and care for your solar blanket before packing it away for the winter months.  During the pool season ensure your pool water is properly balanced, don’t use the blanket after shocking the pool and consider investing in a solar roller to keep the blanket from being dragged across the pool deck. 

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