Why the circulation system needs to be in top running order


The circulation system of your swimming pool consists of the pump, the filter, the skimmer, main drain (Inground) and returns.  These parts all work together to keep the water moving and to remove any contaminants that have found its way into the water.  Providing you and your loved ones sparkling, safe water to enjoy all summer long.  If one area of the circulation system breaks down, you could face a heap of problems.

When the circulation system is not in top running order, several issues can arise.  Here’s a look at what the circulation system does for your pool:

The skimmer is used to circulate the water at the top of the pool moving it to the pump.  The skimmer consists of a swimmer weir, which moves up and down with the water to trap the larger debris and place it into the skimmer basket where it is caught and stays until you clean the basket.

The main drain (inground pools) is located at the bottom of the deep end of the pool.  It works to circulate the water at the bottom of the pool and moves water to the pump.

The pump then draws the water into the filtering system, first by drawing it through the pump basket, where any larger debris that made its way through the skimmer basket can then be caught.  The pump will then push the water from its system through to the filter itself.

The filter will remove any particles that are too small for the baskets to remove.  Typically, we see sand/glass filters due to the ease of maintenance.  Although we do have some cartridge and DE filters in our area.  Cartridge and DE filters can filter out a smaller micron of particles than that of a sand/glass filter. 

The water passes through the filter media (whether it is sand/glass, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth) and the clean water moves to the next part of the circulation system.  When the pressure of the filter rises 8-10 psi above its normal number it indicates that the number of particles it has filtered has become too large and the filter requires either backwashing (sand/glass), rinsing (cartridge) or backwashed and recharged (DE).  The how to of these areas can be found in https://www.rrpools.ca/blog/pool-filtration-systems-what-are-the-differences/

Some pools will have other systems installed after the filtering system – Heaters, Salt Generators, Hydrapure Systems, etc.… Water will then enter through these various systems depending on what you have installed on your pool.

After leaving the filter and/or any other systems installed on the pool the clean water is then brought back to the pool through the return(s).

In summary, the pools circulation system is responsible for moving the water from the pool to be filtered and then returned to the pool again.  If any part of the circulation system stops working properly, you have an increased risk of unhealthy water, which will cause algae blooms and bacteria growth.  Regular maintenance and inspections can help ensure that your pool’s circulation system is functioning correctly and efficiently.  If you notice any signs of an issue or potential damage, don’t leave it wait until it breaks, correct the problem or contact our service team for assistance.

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