Why clean your pool filter?


Your pool filter is an essential part of your circulation system that removes the particulate matter that can make the pool appear hazy or cloudy.  Throughout the swimming season you should rinse a cartridge filter or backwash a sand/glass filter to remove any build-up of the particulate matter, especially if it causes a low flow of the water to the return of the pool.  However, are you aware that you should be chemically cleaning the filter at least once per season?

A clean filter allows for proper purification which is key to achieving and preserving safe, sparkling water!  Overtime the filter can become clogged with grime and debris causing the filter to not function properly. A chemical cleaning will remove this debris from your filter media which will also aid in lengthening the life of your filter media. 

Once the buildup of grease and oils has been removed from the media, not only will you notice a sparkle to the water, but you will also reduce the maintenance and chemicals needed for your pool. 

When the filter has a buildup, it can allow particulate matter to bypass the filter and head straight back into the body of water.  The pool will then appear to be hazy or cloudy, which we treat by adding chemicals to the pool.  More chemicals cost money and will not fix the issue.  Rather than adding clarifier after clarifier to the pool water, begin with cleaning the filter if it was not done at closing or opening season to resolve the issue. 

If you have completed the cleaning, take a sample into your pool professional for a water test.  Let them know when you have last chemically cleaned the filter and any other information that may be helpful, such as when you last changed the filter media.  They can help you determine what the issue is before you start throwing good money at more chemicals.

Whether your filter is a sand/glass filter, a cartridge filter, or a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter you should consider a chemical cleaning at spring opening, or just before closing the pool for the season.  For more information on how to clean your filter media, please see this blog: https://www.rrpools.ca/blog/how-why-to-clean-your-filter-media/

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