How & Why to Clean your Filter Media


At the beginning or end of each pool season you should chemically clean the media in your swimming pools filter. By doing this you will reduce your chemical consumption, improve filter filtration and lengthen the life of your filter media.

Filter Brite removes grease and oils from sand and filter cartridges.

  • Promotes greater filter efficiency
  • Helps keep water clear
  • Helps reduce future maintenance
  • Lengthens the life of the filter media

Sand Filters

Tip – Easier to have a friend give you a hand then to do it yourself!

  1. Add Filter Brite to a 10L bucket of water
  2. Turn the pump off and remove the lid (for aboveground pools-use the shut off valve in front of your pump)
  3. Turn the pump back on, with lid off
  4. Pour the mixture into the pump
  5. As soon as all of the water is in, turn the pump off and put the lid back on the pump
  6. Leave pump off overnight
  7. In the morning, backwash the pool for 5 minutes and rinse for 30 seconds

Cartridges will need to be cleaned more than once a season. When the pressure rises 8-10 psi take a garden hose and remove the debris from the filter. Have 2 sets of cartridges on hand so you can alternate between them.

Cartridge Filters

Tip – the cartridges fibres will tighten as it dries!

  1. Add filter Brite to a 10L bucket of water.
  2. Soak cartridges overnight
  3. Rinse cartridges
  4. Let cartridges dry before using them There you have it. Easy and straightforward instructions on how to keep your filter clean and working in tip top shape.

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