A cloudy pool can be caused by a variety of reasons, sometimes we won’t know what caused the issue in the first place, but here are some possible reasons why your pool may become cloudy:

Lack of sanitizer. The sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) in the pool needs to be within its ideal range.  If the sanitizer level drops low bacteria and algae can grow in the water and cause the water to become hazy or cloudy.

Filtration.  If your pool filter is obstructed, or not properly working, the filter may not be able to remove all the particles and contaminants. 

  • What is the pressure gauge reading?  Is it 8-10 psi above normal?  Perform a backwash or rinse the cartridges depending on the type of filter media you have installed on the filter. 
  • When did you last chemically clean the filter?  The filter should receive a chemical cleaning at least once per season.  If you have never performed a chemical cleaning, or it has been more than 12 months, try to do the cleanse to see if this resolves the issue. 
  • Finally, how old is the sand/glass media or the cartridge?  You may need to replace the media to clear the pool.

Organics:  A buildup of organics in the water can cause the pool water to become cloudy.  Organics can include pollen, dirt, and debris from the wind, as well as organics that bathers bring into the pool – oils, suntan lotions, hair products and sweat, to name a few.  You can clear organics from the pool by shocking/oxidizing the pool, cleaning the water line on a regular basis, using a skimmer sock to catch the fine particulate matter or by using a clarifying product such as pool complete 911 and clarifying tablets. 

Chemical Balance:  The chemicals in your pool may not be in their ideal range.  Have a sample of your pool water professionally tested to determine if you need to correct any imbalances to fix the cloud in your pool.  These imbalances may not be just the pH and Sanitizer levels that you can read with your at home test kit, but also include Alkalinity, Calcium, Stabilizer, Total Dissolved Solids and even metal readings, so having the water professionally tested cannot only ensure you have an accurate reading, but can check for other issues that your at home test kit cannot read.

In summary, cloudiness in your pool water can be caused by a variety of factors, and sometimes we won’t know what caused it.  Begin by checking your pressure gauge to see if a backwash or rinse is required and see if your sanitizer level is within its ideal range.  If this is not the case, take a water sample to your pool professional to check on the chemical readings and discuss other avenues to clear and prevent a cloud in the future. 

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  1. Peggy Scott

    How do you do a chemical clean of your filter?

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