Archive: May 2021

  • An Expert Interview on Safety Covers

    We have been encouraging customers to upgrade to safety covers for many years now as they are one of the most reliable ways to prevent someone from getting into the pool without supervision, such as children and pets. Each safety cover is custom built to your pool.  With their ability to allow precipitation to pass […]

  • Problem of the Month: Pollen

    What is it? Pollen is a powdery substance that is given off by plants, grass, weeds, and trees to fertilize other plants.  Pollen can be spread by insects and by the wind, landing on any surface that finds itself in its path. Although it can be naked to the eye, it will typically leave a […]

  • An Expert Interview on Robotic Pool Cleaners

    Robotic pool cleaners have become increasingly popular, each season, as pool owners keep looking for ways to enjoy their pool lifestyle rather than spending so much time working on their pools.  R&R Pools has a long-standing relationship with Hayward Pool Products.  We carry many pieces of their equipment, and guess that you likely have at […]

  • Problem of the Month: Water Discoloration

    What is it? There are various reasons for water discoloration, and it may be best to speak to your pool professional to determine what the cause is – Algae or Metals. Your pool professional should have a serious of questions they will ask to help determine the cause to help you find the proper solution: […]