Using Your Pool During Covid-19: How to Have Fun and Stay Safe


In a typical summer, having people over for a swim is an easy joy for those lucky enough to have a backyard swimming pool. Now, it can feel anxious, even as water buffs everywhere are desperate for a swim with the closure of most public pools.

But all is not lost. Keep reading to learn more about how you can invite your friends to your place for a safe swim during the pandemic.

The Danger Isn’t in the Water!

As stated by the Centers for Disease Control, there’s no proof that the virus can spread to people through pool water. On top of that, bromine, and chlorine, generally added to pools as disinfectants will inactivate the virus. This helps lower the risk of catching the virus from the water.

Here’s how you can ensure that you have fun and stay safe.

1. Social Distance Is Still the Key

The biggest concern is whether people can keep their distance from one another in and out of the pool. This space reduces the likelihood that respiratory droplets produced when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or talks will spread to others.

On land, maintaining social distance is as easy as keeping your chair away from the next person. But in water, that can be trickier.

So, how can you effectively practice this?

One potential solution is by limiting the number of people allowed in the pool. You can also rotate swim times. But if your pool is big enough to maintain distance while swimming, designate half of it for the visiting team and the other for the home team.

Instead of having the visitors scattered all across the pool interacting with your family members, ensure that family units stick together. Everyone should stick to their team’s side.

2. Keep Up with Hand Hygiene

Even if you’ll be submerged in chlorinated water almost the entire time, it’s still vital to maintain proper hand hygiene. Wash your hands more often using a hand sanitizer that contains nothing less than 60% alcohol. Why not keep a bottle or two of hand sanitizer around the pool deck and at any snack tables and encourage everyone to use it.

It’s also wise to provide disinfectant wipes for cleaning commonly used surfaces around the pool. Frequently touched items include handles heading down the swimming pool, doorknobs, and snack-bar counters if you’ve got any in your home.

3. Don’t Share Equipment

That includes kickboards, pool floats, balls, toys, and goggles. Have your guests change into swimsuits before coming over and bring their towel. As awkward as this may sound, it helps minimize contact since your visitors won’t necessarily have to get into your house.

It’s also best to have your visitors come with their refreshments and pack out their disposals before leaving.

Keep It Safe & Fun

With these tips, you can now call in your friends for a wonderful time together at the pool. Just remember to keep everything clean and sanitized. Have fun!

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