Will R&R Pools install the pool kit for me?

R&R Pools specializes in Inground Pool Installations only, however we do offer DIY above ground pools kits that include everything you will need to install your own pool.

The DIY instructions can be found at the bottom of this page:

Unfortunately we do not have any referrals at this time.

What size pools do you sell?

SizeWall HeightShape

What type of warranty does the pool kit come with?

Our pool kits come with a 5 year full warranty against manufacturer defects. After 5 years, 50% discount for the life of the pool. Original Owner Only.

How do I choose what size or shape I should purchase?

We recommend marking out the size of the pool you are considering on your property prior to purchasing as customers tend to overestimate what size pool they need.

There are a few things to consider:

  • How you use your yard – If you use your back yard for other activities that you enjoy you need to consider how much of that real estate you are willing to devote to a pool
  • The size of the deck – Typically the larger the pool the larger the deck (takes up more space and increases cost)
  • Cost of ongoing maintenance – Larger pools will require more chemicals, water, require larger equipment and will use more power
  • How many people will be using the pool at one time – Customers with large families may require larger pools than those with only a few swimmers
  • Ease of installation – Round pools are easier to install than ovals

What will I NEED to purchase that is not included in the kit?

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Winter Cover
  • Opening/Closing Kits
  • Fencing – Check your local by-laws as each county is different
  • Decking

What if I want to change something that comes with the kit or add something on?

Unfortunately pool kits cannot be modified, however they are several items that you can add on. More information about those can be found here:

Do I need a permit?

Call the HRM Processing Office for information on acquiring a building permit at 902-490-5650 or view the link below.

HRM Pool Permit

Please also read through the HRM by-laws: View By-Law S-700 Swimming Pool By-Law

Can I convert my above ground pool to salt water?

Did you know that a salt pool is still a chlorine pool? A salt generator is used to convert the salt into liquid chlorine. All other chemicals needed to keep the pool safe and healthy are still required. The salt generator simply replaces the chlorine sticks or pucks.

Although the pool kit does say “salt compatible” some parts of the pool are made of metal and will be subject to corrosion. Salt water will cut down on the lifespan of all of your equipment, decking and even those swimsuits! In the case of an above ground pool the salt can compromise the structural integrity of the pool over time leading to costly repairs or often complete pool replacements.

Despite this, some people enjoy the feel of salt water. We do carry a product called Optimizer Plus which can mimic the feel of a salt pool (not to mention it has other amazing benefits)!

For these reasons we do not recommend salt water above ground pools and we do not sell them for above ground pools.

Can I bury this above ground pool?

You cannot bury a traditional above ground pool. These types of pools have a single pool wall that is made from a thin piece of metal. They are not designed to withstand the force of being buried.

There are pools specifically designed for this purpose, however they are significantly more expensive than a traditional above ground pool and the installation process is similar to that of an inground pool.

How do I find out what chemicals I will I need?

If you are new to pool ownership we recommend setting up a free instore water lesson with our retail water care specialists. They will walk you through which chemicals you need, what they do and how to add them to the pool. If you are interested in this service you can find out more and request an appointment here:

If you are already familiar with pool water care you can request a quote for start up maintenance and balancing chemicals based on your pool size.

Can you show me how to take care of my pool?

We offer both in-store water care lessons and on-site maintenance lessons. You can find out more about those service here:

How much do the above ground pools cost?

Pricing and availability can be found on our online store here:

When will my pool ship?

Please allow two weeks for your pool kit to arrive. You pool kit will be shipped on pallets from our off-site warehouse and delivered by a shipping company to your property.

Pool kits cannot be picked up from our retail store.

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