Roll with the only “below the deck” system in the world!

A well-maintained swimming pool provides years of enjoyment and lasting memories. As a pool owner, you can save significantly on pool heating and retention costs through regular use of a solar blanket. But a conventional above-deck solar blanket roller presents a challenge for easy one-person operation and detracts from the overall beauty of your backyard. However, with a ClearDeck® In-Ground Solar Blanket Roller, the blanket is concealed below deck and completely hidden out of sight when not in use. As a result, your deck will be less cluttered, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your pool and landscaping as you envisioned. Check out ClearDeck’s key features:

  • Greatly reduces heat loss and saves on heating bills
  • No more unsightly reel on your deck
  • Retracts and extends in less than a minute
  • Eliminates tripping hazards
  • Fits the exact shape of your pool
  • Patented units that have been manufactured and installed since 2002

Text and images provided by Cleardeck Systems 

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