Oh you salt customers… Please balance your pool

Balance your salt water pool

It’s hard to believe that after all the education behind chemicals and keeping your pool water safe, I am still hearing people on the street saying they have a salt water pool and they were told they had to do no chemical balancing what so ever. Oh my, if anyone has ever step foot in to our store at R&R pools, you would know this is so not true!

I know we have written about salt in the past, and we are hoping that all you salt pool owners are now balancing your pool regularly.

The facts are- salt is chlorine! Salt water pools are not ocean water. Ocean water has no chlorine or Bromine levels- which means you can not just use ocean water in your pool, and you can’t just use salt in your pool and think everyone is safe. Salt when being generated into chlorine is high in PH. High Ph can factor in a few things.

High pH in swimming pool water may cause the following problems:

  • calcium buildup on pool surfaces, waterline and accessories
  • dull or cloudy pool water
  • drop in disinfection potential of chlorine resulting in algae growth
  • burning eyes and nose
  • dry, itchy skin and scalp

That’s right, all the time we blame it on the chlorine burning our eyes, when it was more likely the PH. Our bodies have a natural 7.2-7.4 PH reading in our eyes. Our eyes don’t lie!

Anyone that has lived near the ocean, knows that salt water is aggressive. Those of us that haven’t had the opportunity to live on the ocean, need to listen and take the advice of the pool dealer. True there are a lot of other companies out there that will not tell you the whole facts on salt. We at R&R Pools want you to save money and enjoy your pool for years to come. In order to do that we have to stress over and over that it is very important to have your water balanced. Not only for the comfort of the swimmers, but for the longevity of the equipment you paid for already. No one likes to spend an additional $5000 after the a liner lets go after a few years. We would love for you to get at least 20 plus years out of your liner. We do have a lot of customers out there that have looked after their balancing of their pool on a monthly basis and they still have their original liner and some with pumps almost 15 years old.

As I always say to my customers when they come in the store for the first time, balancing your pool is like building your home. Your Alkalinity is the foundation of your house, this is why we always start with Bioguard Balance Pak 100, then your can put the walls of your house up, which is the PH with Balance Pak 200 and last is your Chlorine/Bromine or Salt form of chlorine, or Bromine. It is very important to never turn your salt water generator on without balancing your pool water first. Without your Alkalinity in the range the other levels will be forever bouncing up and down.

We at R&R Pools like to save you money in the long run. Balancing your pool water for the few months a year will save you so much money in the end! So if you have a friend or neighbor that has a salt water pool (Chlorine), let them know the true facts about salt. We have so many blogs and instructions on salt, that we are hoping that no one has to experience the effects of not balancing your chlorine salt water pool.

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