Archive: Jul 2021

  • Problem of the Month: Water Loss due to Evaporation

    What is it? Weather conditions have an impact on your pool water which can be noted as evaporation.  Evaporation can happen when the water of the pool is warm, and the night air is cool.  Causing you to lose heat and water both from the pool.  Other environmental conditions such as humidity or strong winds […]

  • An Expert Interview about Automation for your Pool

    Every new install from R&R Pools comes with Hayward’s Omni Logic Automation, but if you already have a pool and want to consider automating it, we can retrofit your pool to have this system installed.  Why would you want Automation?  Your pool, at your fingertips, no matter where you are!  This blog takes us on […]

  • 5 Fun Backyard Pool Game Ideas for the Summer

    Summer is here and the great weather with it! With the ongoing social distancing orders, you’re probably spending the summer at home and enjoying the outdoors with loved ones. So how about doubling the fun with some classic pool games that’ll make the holiday more fun and active. Here’s a list of our favorite pool […]

  • Problem of the Month: Summer Storms

    Why do anything about it? While a small amount of rain does not seem like a big deal, a storm, high winds or heavy downpour can affect your swimming pool.  Water is not just water.  A large amount of rain can impact the chemical balance in your swimming pool, as well, wind can pick up […]

  • Glam up your Backyard Swimming Pool

    Is your backyard looking lack luster or unloved? Decking, fences, and worn-out furniture are getting you down?  Glam up your backyard and then kick back poolside with these design inspiring tips! Furniture Fixer-Upper If your backyard furniture is bringing you down, it may be time to replace, or up-cycle your patio furniture into a new […]