Problem of the Month: Water Loss due to Evaporation


What is it?

Weather conditions have an impact on your pool water which can be noted as evaporation.  Evaporation can happen when the water of the pool is warm, and the night air is cool.  Causing you to lose heat and water both from the pool.  Other environmental conditions such as humidity or strong winds can also contribute to the problem, causing increased costs to refill and reheat your pool.


Use of Natural Chemistry’s Cover Free or BioGuard’s Smart Shield as noted on their packaging will create an ultra-thin, invisible layer on the water surface and provide effective reduction of water loss and maintain water temperatures.  By using one of these products on a regular basis, you can always feel confident that they are helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation, even on those nights you forgot to cover the pool, or the nights you have shocked the pool and are unable to put the cover on it.

Problem Solver:

The solution is to physically cover your pool when not in use, or to apply a product that works to reduce the impact on the water surface.  A solar blanket is always recommended.  Pair this with Natural Chemistry’s Cover Free or BioGuard’s Smart Shield which will create a thin invisible barrier that will reform after swimming.

Product Details:

Smart Shield – Forms an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the pool to reduce evaporation.  Limiting evaporation conserves your pool water and prevents heat.  Use Smart shield regularly to increase your pool season.  The long-lasting formula works up to 30 days after application.

Cover Free – Cover Free’s advanced technology offers the ability to save water and money by decreasing evaporation.  Forming on the water surface, it reforms the liquid barrier after the water is disturbed by wind or bathers to protect from energy loss.  Apply weekly through the skimmer system.

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