An Expert Interview about Automation for your Pool


Every new install from R&R Pools comes with Hayward’s Omni Logic Automation, but if you already have a pool and want to consider automating it, we can retrofit your pool to have this system installed. 

Why would you want Automation?  Your pool, at your fingertips, no matter where you are!  This blog takes us on an expert interview with Hayward representative William Jasnich as we ask him the questions you want to know as you make your decision to automate your swimming pool, and your lifestyle!


Technology has come a long way in the world, and our pools are no different.  With the Omni Logic system, a client has their pool at their fingertips from anywhere.  What are the best advantages to having your pool automated?

WJ:  The Omni platform by Hayward is all about convenience. Homeowners may control virtually every aspect of their pool. As the swimming pool season in Canada is rather short and filled with variables, having the ability to control the mechanical and sanitization equipment relives a great amount of stress.

Automating the pool with Omni permits the use of scheduling the filtration pump, heater, salt turbo cell, lighting (pool/spa, water features, and landscape), and practically any feature via relay control. Think about it, when we schedule the filter pump to operate at particular times of the day, we eliminate the hassle of walking to the pool shed or the annoyance of hearing the pump running at all hours of the night (neighbours will appreciate this too).

Automating the pool eliminates all of the guesswork out of owning a pool, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. The intuitive Wi-Fi-enabled Omni app on your smartphone allows you to control the equipment anytime, anywhere. 

How easy is an omni to use?

WJ:  As mentioned, the Omni app offers an intuitive layout for any pool owner, even if they are not tech-savvy. Once the expert technician programs the Omni, homeowners with one tap may select a theme to turn on their favourite features anytime. Further to this point, if you are currently away from home you can ensure the pool is operating as much or little as one would like. The possibilities are endless with Omni. 

What pool equipment can I control from my omni logic?

WJ:  Equipment controlled via Omni include but is not limited to: Filtration pump, gas/propane and/or heat pump, salt chlorination cell (Hayward Turbo-Cell), lighting (pool/spa, water features, and landscape), water & fire features, and cleaners. Depending on model of Omni (HLBASE or HLBPRO4SW), the panel is equipped with a 125 or 100 amp subpanel. The HLBASE is scalable up to 10 high-voltage relays whereas the HLBPRO4SW may scale up to 8 high-votlage relays. With this in mind, any feature controllable via low-voltage, high-voltage, or actuator is possible to program in our Omni platform.

What are the benefits of having an omni installed on my pool?

WJ:  The simple answer to this question is ultimately: Convenience. While Hayward offers new construction and aftermarket Omni platforms, it is never too late to consider improving your lifestyle with Omni. 

Can I change the speed of my pump or the temperature of the water from my phone while I am at work?

WJ:  Yes, to both answers. As the Omni is a Wi-Fi-enabled platform, any over-the-air communication is possible with Wi-Fi or data connectivity on your smart device or computer. 

This is truly one of the top reasons to consider an Omni. Having the convenience of adjusting the temperature of water at your fingertips allows the swimming pool to be ready at your convenience. The expert technicians will program the pump to turn on or adjust speed (if variable option) on heating demand. With this in mind, the operation is stress free. Just bring your swim attire.  

How many pieces of equipment can my omni logic control?  Can more be added?

WJ:  The OmniLogic is capable of controlling any residential swimming pool. If you use your imagination to dream up the wildest ideas, Omni will make it happen.

The OmniLogic offers an expansion panel for additional actuator valves and low-voltage relays. Further to this point, the OmniLogic and OmniPL come standard with 4 high-voltage relays with expansion capability to upwards of 10 and 8 high-voltage relays, respectively. 

Can an omni run my single speed pump, or do I need to purchase a specific pump for the system to work?

WJ:  The Omni is capable of running single and dual-speed pumps with a high-voltage relay(s). The homeowner will be able to turn the pump on/off and customize schedules.

Ideally, a Variable Speed Pump should be utilized as we can adjust the speed and in other words reduce the flow rate to what is truly required. 

What maintenance is required for the omni logic?

WJ:  The only maintenance would include firmware updates. Luckily, Hayward now offers over-the-air firmware updates to simplify the total pool experience.

Can the omni logic control other features in my backyard, besides the pool equipment?

WJ:  Yes, the OmniLogic may control any landscape features including fire, water, and lighting. In some instances, homeowners may automate features in their house using our intuitive app. There is really no threshold as to what we can do.

Do you have any other tips on automation that you would like to share?

WJ:  As the world is accustomed to automating all facets of life, the backyard experience should not be an exception. New vehicles offer driver assistance features, home appliances are Wi-Fi-enabled, kitchen faucets are voice activated, while platforms similar to Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home allow the user to complete any enabled task. 

The swimming pool and backyard are a big investment in property, lifestyle, and overall well-being. Builders often take the “One-size fits all” approach, which simplifies their processes but often fails to meet the expectations of new and existing clients. Controlling this major investment via the Omni platform provides the flexibility to grow with your backyard and lifestyle.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Will!  

If you have any other questions or want to know more about Automation for your pool, you can reach us at or call us at (902)876-2773. 

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