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  • Ryan says “Safety First Equals Easier Fun”

    The experts at R&R Pool want you and your family to be happy and safe around your pool. With safety concerns out of the way, you and your family can focus on the fun to be had! Ryan at R&R Pools knows that with a few standard precautions your pool and family can be safe, […]

  • The top 5 things to consider before purchasing a Spa or Hot Tub.

    Purchasing a spa is a great investment, not only for your home value, but also for your well-being.  Here are some of the top 5 considerations before finalizing your investment. What are the benefits of tub ownership? Spas are wonderful for relaxing in.  They give us time to unwind from a stress filled day, improve […]

  • Never Too Early To Start Thinking About Your Summer Swim!

    It may be just getting into winter but many of us are already counting the days until the pool can be reopened! Ryan with R&R Pools in Timberlea, Nova Scotia knows all the tips and tricks for ensuring an efficient and trouble-free opening of your pool this spring. Here are five basic but essential steps […]

  • Welcome to 2018

    Happy 2018 everyone! After all the craziness in 2017, we all need an opportunity to relax and unwind. The New Year is a wonderful time to begin thinking about positive changes you want to make in your life; for yourself, for your family and maybe even for your spa or pool! With less than 2 […]