The top 5 things to consider before purchasing a Spa or Hot Tub.


Purchasing a spa is a great investment, not only for your home value, but also for your well-being.  Here are some of the top 5 considerations before finalizing your investment.

What are the benefits of tub ownership?


Spas are wonderful for relaxing in.  They give us time to unwind from a stress filled day, improve your mood, improve your sleep.  It can even help your relationship, as you enjoy each other’s company without the TV remote in hand.

But there are other benefits to owning a spa…  

Sufferers of: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Back and Muscle Pain can all benefit from the warmth of the water and the flow of the jets.  The buoyancy of the water supports most of our body weight and therefore takes the strain off of our joints and muscles.

**You should speak with your physician if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure or are pregnant before using a spa.


So then, where do you begin your search?

Every spa dealership has their own sales pitch based on the style of tub they sell.  And each will tell you why their brand is better than the competition.  The information you will take away from each representative is overwhelming, and you may not remember most of what you have learned.  So take a pen and paper with you.  Ask questions and write down the answers.  

Although it may seem like you are getting a great deal if you are looking at a parking lot sale, an exhibition or a spa show, take the time to research the manufacturer.  impulsebuyingHow are the tubs insulated? A lot of spa manufacturers are located in the southern states and we here in Nova Scotia have a colder climate setting, so is this tub suited for our winters?  Most times these shows are done by manufacturers who mass produce the spas in the southern states. How long has the company been in business under their current name?   Is there a local dealer who can repair any problems that may occur?  An impulse buy could end up with you paying more than you would have from a local reputable dealer.


What size spa should we consider?

It is best to determine the size of the tub you should invest in by the number of family members.  

Customers often state they are looking for a party tub, but in my experience, couples don’t tend to have as many parties as they think they will.  Throughout the week it is usually the couple or the family who tend to use the tub.  On the weekends you may decide to invite a couple or two over, but just take a minute to think of how often you may have a party before you invest in a 10 seater tub.

If you have children or parents living with you, a 6-7-seater tub maybe the perfect size.  But if there is only the two of you, you may want to consider sticking to a 2-5 seater tub, which will suit impromptu gatherings as well as day to day.


Tub Placement

So you have decided on the size of the tub, now comes the placement.  Where is the electrical panel to the house?  Paying an electrician to run a line to the far end of the yard may not be financially practical.  And don’t forget about the walk to the tub on those cold snowy evenings.

What are you placing it on?  If you are placing it on a wooden deck, make sure that the deck is well supported.  A spa, filled with water and 4 bathers can weigh as much as 5000 lbs.

Built in hot tubAre you planning on building a deck around the tub?  You will need an entrance to the access panel of the tub for maintenance checkups, and if any repairs are required.  Consider having your deck built with a removable panel that can accommodate the technician and provide enough room to maneuver around.

What is the view you are looking at?  Consider the scene from the spa as well as the beautiful enhancement the tub brings to your yard.  You also may want to think about privacy from your neighbours.  




What extras should you have?

Stereo system… The stereo systems they use in a spa are often the same as those used in a car, and usually it is one of the first things to cause problems.  These stereos can be expensive to repair.

Lighting…  It is mandatory that every spa has to have at least one single white light that illuminates the foot well area.  This is a safety feature – You can however have upgrades of colored, perimeter and timed lighting.  These can be enjoyed while you are in the spa and are fantastic, but it’s a personal preference.

Lounger…  Again, this is a personal choice.  Athletes tend to love this style of seat (but some tubs are now designed to still give you calf and thigh jets in an upright seat.)  Others state that they don’t like the amount of space they take up and they are not comfortable with lying down while the other bathers are sitting up.

Having the right dealer standing behind you can go a long way when it comes to the purchasing of your new spa and the water chemistry you require.  R&R Pools can deliver a spa to suit your lifestyle and help you keep up on the chemistry so all you need to worry about is who you want to invite over to enjoy your relaxation time with you.

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